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Thread: Wanna Share Some Dirty Secrets

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    Wanna Share Some Dirty Secrets

    Last nite was my BM with Ducolax. I dumped out everything that were supposed to be dumped as usual. At the same time, my mum had a bad diarrhea and we both had the same foods yesterday. I chose to be ignorant and guess what, I had a big accident this morning. I have monitored so many times that when my wife or mum had a diarrhea, the next victim should be me. Clearly I had not learned my lesson.

    So, the moral of the story is, when one of your family members had a day full of shit, you might be the next one, trust me. BE PREPARED !!!

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    This might be the case if you are both eating the same contaminated food or water source which is causing you both to get diarrhea (due to gastroenteritis). Otherwise, there really should not be a connection.


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    maybe someone isnt washing their hands after using the potty.

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    I switched over to drinking bottled water and big difference plus I can not stress this enough as Jody says maybe someone isnt washing their hands after using the potty.

    I tell everyone that I meet or they go use the restroom if I dont hear the sink going I will not go near them .

    About 2 years ago I nearly died of Cross contamination because @ my friends wake
    After it we had the food thing at my place someone or many were physically eating the carrotts and veggies etc.... I use tongs didnt know they were using fingers
    I ended up for 5 days with severe food poisoning and it was because ppl did not wash their hands ( The Food was at my house ....The hospital tested samples of it and found traces of someones fecal particulates in most of the Veggies

    Nearly killed me caused me to dehydrate end up in ER and blew my sp Stoma ruptured from the cramping . I bled like a pig shot it was bad ... I passed out from the pain . I stayed in the hosp 2 days .. Then I spent 4 days in bed at home not eating or drinking anything Except gatorade .

    Found out about seven ppl ended up with this cross contamination ... Somebody did not wash their hands .

    I dont ever want anything like that again .

    Some ppl with weaker immune systems like I have really got to be careful about uuuky germs .

    Sincerely; GL

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    that happened to me too Gl. a gathering and my veggie tray = a week in the hospital on iv, and no food.
    im not able to get my roomie to understand the importance of handwashing after using the bathroom.
    I go around a hit the doorknobs light switches, and chair backs with a bleach solution at least twice a month, in addition to the usual surfaces that get disinfected often. he just doesnt get it. this incident happend befor we met, so he isnt impressed with my tale. I hate that I yell at him to wash his hands, but damn, why dont people get how important handwashing is.
    its may not be that they have shit on their hands, but who knows what is on the toilet flusher and what not. its just good a good practice for health to wash your hands.

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