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Thread: Return after almost 6 years

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    Return after almost 6 years

    So I was injured March 2005, and on Fri I was swimming and all of a sudden I had dorsi flexion on my rt side which I haven't had for almost 6 years, and I could feel my right calf again! After last month with my neuro at Hopkins telling me that my legs are getting worse and it's the natural preogression of my injury, ha ha shows what they know in doctor land of" you have evything you'r gonna get back in 2 years and then your in the maintenice stage of the 3 pahses of sci " All I can say is WOW......Happy Happy Joy Joy

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    Awesome news. I hope you get much more.

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    That is absolutely wonderful, 05survivor.

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    Good to hear! Keep working with the new function to make it stronger.

    Eric Harness, CSCS
    Neuro Ex, Inc
    Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery

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    Great News...just goes to show....Don't listen to "them" LOL I heard that three stage tune before too.

    Keep working at it!

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    Super Man!

    Keep moving!

    I'm experiencing the same!! Downhill skiing does it!!


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    Thanks for sharing.

    Good luck with continued return. Hope is good.


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    Congratulations. That is great.

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    Thanks everyone I'm gonna keep on keeping on.

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