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Thread: Anyone know cost of Townsend AFO?

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    Anyone know cost of Townsend AFO?

    Does anyone know what the cost of a Townsend AFO is?
    I am trying to get work to buy me one since our Canadian goverment plan doesn't cover them. I can't get one here - I would have to go to the States but Townsend doesn't want to give me a price until I see a rep.
    I am just looking for a ballpark number before I pitch the request to my boss.

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    Just out of curiosity, would it not be better to have a pair of custom fit AFOs? The Provinical Government covers my custom AFOS.


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    I am on my 5th set of custom fit AFOs that our government will pay for and they have all been garbage. a Townsend AFO is custom fit but much superior materials. And will allow me to be as active as I have the potential to be.
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    8,152 insurance paid for mine. My 20% copay was $600 for both legs. So you are probably looking around $3,000.00 a pair without insurance.

    Townsend outlasts my other braces and are well worth it.

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    thanks daisy - that's what I was hoping. I just need one leg and was hoping it would be less than $2000.
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