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Thread: Looking for answers on pain problem...?

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    Looking for answers on pain problem...?

    My name's Stacie. I'm new to this site, but I'm hoping to get some feedback with my latest problem. My injury was May 15, 2006. Level T4.

    In the last 4 years my pain and feeling wise has changed alot. But most noticible is my left side of my body. I had feeling in my arms, and the where not affected. But about a year later my left arm lost some feeling in it. I can still use it, but my fingers curl and the whole arm is weaker and tired feeling compared to before. The sensation of the arm is also different. I can feel but it isn't the same as before. It takes longer for that arm to tell if it's hot or cold.

    My left leg also has changed, right now the problem I would like any opinions on is I get a sharp pain in a spot right where the buttocks stop and thigh begins. If I push on the spot, the pain will decrease a little. My left leg spasms. It makes my hip flexor pull up and tighten. It constantly does this. I've tried stretches, massage, and physical therapy. The pain does not go away.

    Any help would be appreciated! It's really starting to drive me nuts that I can't figure out how to make it go away. Thank you!

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    Hi Stacie. I'm sorry I just don't know enough to help you, but if you've had all of the changes you describe, it's probably time to have some new tests run.

    I don't know what doctors you have, but for me, I'd go to my neurosurgeon for help. Maybe someone else will have a better idea on what the problem is and who to go to.

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    Yes, it is time to get checked out for sure! The description of your arm and hand sounds like a higher level injury then what you state.
    The pain in your hip, well, it could be sensitivity in the region. If you have a waist band on it from your clothes it may cause it to hurt, or it could just be your spot for pain or even a simple indication that you need to go relieve yourself.

    Get checked out!
    Rick Brauer or just call me - Mr B

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    Or Sciatica/sciatic nerve. That is what the leg/buttock pain sounds like. Does the pain stay put or does it travel down the leg at all? And also does this pain come and go depending on level of activity? or does it stay static all the time whether or not you have been active? Are you in a chair? That also could be the reason for the pain in the "butt". The "loss of feeling/sensation" seems like nerve damage. Not sure if that will ever come back. Maybe someone with a little more medical training Nurse or Dr. Wise would be better suited to answer some of these questions. The rest of us can only speculate given our own experiences and findings having been through a lot of what you are describing. I too would recommend another trip to the Dr. to get a few more tests done to find out what is happening to your body. Good Luck!!! and keep us posted with what you find out. All information is good information as it may help others with the same issues as you are experiencing.
    BigBossMan Wuz Here.....

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    Hi AKSpacey, welcome to the site. I agree with others here, it's definitely time to get this checked out by a neurologist and/or neurosurgeon. Without getting a diagnostic handle on your symptoms, you won't be able to know how best to address them. Best wishes to you.

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    Thanks for the replies. Yes I am in a chair. Sadly a motorized chair thanks to the arm problem. For the arm I've gone to several doctors and the conclusion is nerve damage or even scar tissue affecting nerves. And surgery seems to be the next solution, but already have had several surgeries, I really don't want to go that route again (healing process kills me).

    Thanks bigbossman, never thought of sciatica. And since looking into it seems like this could possibly be it. Will be continuing looking into this.

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    Sciatica pains are horrible
    My boyfriend has them very bad he uses a EMS machine electronic muscle stimulator machine it seems to help him with the intense pain
    Sciatica often is around the sacrum un the lower back and bothers millions of people .

    I had lower sacrum internal pains and I use acupuncture it helps me

    I love old traditional healing
    It can help
    Good luck

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    You need to have an mri performed to check for a syrnix that may be traveling upward from your injury site at T4. The scar tissue may have formed a pocket where the spinal fluid has collected and is pressing on the cord higher up in the cervical area.

    I had the same problem at T2 with the syrnix traveling down to T5.

    Aviod surgery if at all possible. Best of luck !! Mike

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    Thank you mikeK, I'll look into that too, and mention it to my nurse practitioner. I'm hoping then I'll be able to get referrals to at least go get some tests done.

    -Living in rural Alaska, little diffucult to get to the hospital and everything.

    But thank you all for the feedback. I appreciate it!

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    Alasks is a very beautiful place but I could not imagine living there with a SCI.

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