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Thread: TiLite 2GX: brand new chair has frame "knocking" noise

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    Question TiLite 2GX: brand new chair has frame "knocking" noise

    I am starting to use new TiLite 2GX.
    I am using the chair without the swing away foot rests.
    (i.e. fair amount of my weight toward front of seat sling)

    Any unlevel surface or leaning movements that flex the folding X brace cause a noise that conducts through the frame. It sounds like a "thock" noise. Also happens when rotating on carpeted surface.

    So far, my dealer is puzzled.
    So far, TiLite is puzzled.

    To date, we have replaced the entire caster assemblies and the front seat sling saddles. No help. Actually a bit of velcro padding in the rear seat sling saddles seems to help a bit. Using the foot rests seemed to help - but is not so practical for my usage needs.

    I don't expect rigid chair performance. But I did not expect a "knocking" noise that can wake up my family if I wheel around at night! ugh!

    Has anyone solved a similar problem?
    Does anyone have any ideas for finding a solution?

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    Check the bolts that are on the folding mechanism. My quickie makes a crack now and then when they loosen.

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    According to my dealer, all the bolts are tight.
    Only exception is two 2 bolts that need to be loose so the chair will still fold.

    Thx for the suggestion.
    I will discuss the folding design in some more detail with TiLite.
    Maybe there are still some adjustments that can be made to the X brace hardware.

    So, this tread is still an open question for the moment.

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    Is there a loose wheel by chance? I know if one of my axle nuts is not adjusted right, I get a thunk when I rotate, especially on carpet. And this is on a rigid chair.

    With the wheel off the ground, pull and push on the hub, there should be no movement.

    Just throwin' it out there.
    "a T10, who'd Rather be ridin'; than rollin'"

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