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Thread: Academically Overwhelmed

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    Quote Originally Posted by crypticgimp View Post
    i could give u my magic pasta boat.... :P

    all joking aside i know EXACTLY how u feel. this was me last quarter (and we have 10weeks, not 15!) and i ended up having to take an incomplete in one class. i'm doing the work over break so that it's still fresh. is that an option for you? i often find that as soon as i load up on work cuz my brain thinks "yea! back in the game!" my body just cannot cope with the stress and i just shut down mentally as well as getting sick with something that ends me needing serious medical attention.
    crypticgimp - this is exactly what happens to me if I start working too hard (lots of long days, extra activities, etc) as well as when I was in grad school! I always do better working part time. I'm trying to go back to school, and hoping that since I love the subject so much I'll be able to do it (perhaps by sheer will).

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgrant27 View Post
    crypticgimp - this is exactly what happens to me if I start working too hard (lots of long days, extra activities, etc) as well as when I was in grad school! I always do better working part time. I'm trying to go back to school, and hoping that since I love the subject so much I'll be able to do it (perhaps by sheer will).
    I was hoping I could finish my MA within 2 years by sheer will. I do love what I am studying and school really gave me a sense of purpose in life again-- something I havent felt in the past 5 years. While I do think motivation and a love of learning can carry a person a long way, this semester has shown me that sheer will isn't enough, unfortunately, when life with a sci is thrown in. I hate it, but I have had to face up to the fact this semester that my body can only take so much. I guess in the past I never considered the physical toll a heavy course load can take, because I wasn't needing to factor in things like the risk of sores from spending all day in my chair at a library, how fatiguing sitting through an 3 hour lecture can be, or trying to balance ~8 hours of daily care. I realized about half way through this semester that school was far from was turning into an extremely stress filed experience. I dont want that. There seems little value in studying if I am not going to enjoy the experience. So for the fall semester I have decided to cut back on my course load. It will take longer to finish the degree, but for me going back to school needs to be about the journey not the destination. That last sentence sounds a bit Pollyanna-ish, I know. Its just your mention of doing school by sheer will got me thinking about how badly I wanted to be able to do that. And wasnt able to. But everybody is different, I guess. I hope you do go back to school. The experience outside the classroom, of meeting new interesting and smart people, going to plays and other campus events, has been so good for me. If i could only get a grip on the in classroom stuff....

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    I think cutting back on courses is a wise decision. My daughter is in grad school for PT, and despite the horrendous work load* she loves what she is doing. You are missing that. Hopefully with fewer courses you can get that back.

    * and, she has very little free time. There is no way she could fit the extra time for "care and maintenance of sci" into her schedule, let alone allow the extra time needed to get work done when you are ill, as you have been this semester. A typical day for her starts with an 8am lab, and runs to studying in the library until midnight. And she is capable of taking a 3 minute shower.

    edited to add ..... my daughter is ab. I know OJ knew this, but just in case this post doesn't make sense to others.
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    Good post, OJ. I think you're right on all counts. That damn reality thing always comes back to bite you.
    - Richard

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    Considering what you went through (not sure if you shared that?), personally I would drop the two courses and hopefully you could receive SOME SORT of refund. What happened was out of your control.

    That's what I would do. Better grades in two classes, than mediocre in four.
    yes sweetie drop the two worst classes or the two least important ones and retake one of each of the dropped classes at a time. It happens. lots of students drop a class for that reason.

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    I think your attitude about where to go from here is great. When I was working towards my undergrad I told myself I had to catch up the time I lost from my injury, but the quality of the experience is diminished when I shove too much in one semester. As far as concentration goes, I'm still working on that When I put stuff off or have something come up preventing me from doing my school work, I get mad anxiety that I won't finish it in time. I just make sure I have a plan of action, write out what I have to do, and then get away from any distractions. If I still have problems concentrating I take a break. But only for a few minutes or I'll stop. Just keep telling yourself how important your end-goal is and how this one assignment will be a step closer! Best of luck OJ. Dealing with such ignorant people who are the last people who should be getting in your way is very frustrating.

    Also with regard to the professors, just be honest about the circumstances, even tell them how your attempt to involve disability services took that much more time away from your finishing your work.
    Courage, it would seem, is nothing less than the power to overcome danger, misfortune, fear, injustice, while continuing to affirm inwardly that life with all its sorrows is good; that everything is meaningful even if in a sense beyond our understanding; and that there is always tomorrow.
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    I've also got msyelf caught in a bad way by wanting to do as many classes as everyone else (medical situation be danged!!) truth is, everyone needs to do school at their own pace in order to be successful. I'd either get incompletes and work on finishing the classes (although if you keep avoiding it the "I" becomes an "F"...Not good.

    your better bet, if you think you can handle it is drop your 2 classes with teh most work load, forgive your self and your medical situation for not being able to do it in 2 years like you wanted and accept how ever long it takes is how long it takes. Then concentrate on really fixing the two classes you decide to can recover from this if you really commit and stop avoiding and forgive yourself
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