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Thread: Advocate for a cure - Reeve Foundation

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    Advocate for a cure - Reeve Foundation
    I just received a survey today from the Reeve Foundation asking about my thoughts.

    Ask about their work towards a cure, and ask that they answer your concerns if you have any.

    Let's make sure that the Reeve Foundation knows that people are interested in a cure.

    I found it interesting that they put things in a care vs. cure paradigm. Make sure that you let them know that we think all their care work has been great, but it's now 2011 and it's time to move on and stop making cure sound like it's somehow unrelated to care.

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    Sounds like someone has been listening to some of the threads on CC recently about their focus. Gotta love the tinterweb!

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    I completed the survey today as well. Was honest about what I feel can be done better and areas of improvement. Hope you will all do the same, we need the Reeve Foundation behind us!

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    did it
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    Done. Felt pretty good, too.

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    Done. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks for the link. They need our feedback.

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    Just took the survey thanks for the link.
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