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Thread: Update on Spadfan--not good news

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    Update on Spadfan--not good news

    Today, 27 February, was a very bad day. Spadfan has been running a fever, had a high heart rate (sinus tachycardia) and hypotension. Normally he has a low heart rate and hypertension.

    His white cell count doubled in 24 hours so they knew he has a massive infection. The only choice was to perform a second surgery. His small intestine is extremely fragile and the blood flow is poor. Due to his critical condition going into the surgery, I knew in advance he would be put on a respirator.

    He is being kept heavily sedated in the hope that his body can do some healing. They removed another section of the small intestine and set up a drain. They did not reconnect the sections as of now. They will attempt that in 24-72 hours depending on how he does.

    Based on all the information I have from the doctors, I don't think he'll be recovering. Without adequate blood flow to the small intestines, he won't survive. My only comfort is in knowing that he is not in pain. I'll post again when I know more. Maybe I'll have a miracle and we will celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary on 20 April. Part of me is realistic and part of me hopes for the seemingly impossible.

    20 April is a significant date for Spadfan in 2 ways: he was injured on 20 April 1974...he never viewed this as a tragedy...just a day of significant change in his life. For that reason, he chose 20 April 1978 for our wedding as marriage is another significant change in life. If he does not make it, we will celebrate his life on 20 April.

    All prayers are appreciated.


    William M.
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    Oh no. I'm sorry for your bad news and rough day. What a lovely picture.

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    I'm sorry to read this.

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    oh my god my heart goes out to you!
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"

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    Mrs. Spadfan -- I am so sorry. Please know that you both are in my prayers.

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    Keeping you both in my thoughts and hoping for the best.

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    Sorry to read this Quiltcrazy - blessings and prayers for strength!

    ~ Be the change you wish to see in the world ~ Mahatma Gandi

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    I'm so sorry to read this. I have hope he will survive this. Please take care of yourself and thanks for the update.
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    My thoughts and prayers are with you and him during this difficult time.
    Tough Times Don't Last...Tough People Do!

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    Thinking of you and hoping for the best.
    "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot nothing's going to get better. It's not." - Dr. Seuss

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