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Thread: Governor of VA to ban stem cell research

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    Ox , they say they are believers. How mush trust do you put in a man's word vs his actions. Look who is voicing opinions of anti stem cell research (embryonic) and look at their other postions . these are fly by nighters who will be forgotten in the long run.

    keeping on

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris arnold View Post
    all I would say is that many leading scientists are "believers"
    Fortunately, good scientific believers are very rare. But you can get confused by their social appearances.
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    he's just signing the thing so taxpayers money is not spent on it, like other states, va is hurting for cash
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    Quote Originally Posted by keeping on View Post
    When I see the criminasls , who pose as priests, get off scott free for abusing childen; the policy of the hierarchy is pick and choose.

    These pedophiles among the Catholic clergy might not be priests in your eyes or the eyes of their God. Unfortunately, they are very much priests ordained, enabled and protected by the hierarchy of the Catholic Church.

    Yes abuse of the system would be bad but overwhelmingly, the Catholic population is in favor of embryonic stem cell research and application.

    Do you have evidence that you can post to support this contention? The defeat of the NJ bond to support stem cell research was spearheaded by the Catholic church calling on parishioners to vote against the bond. This would suggest that "the Catholic population" of at least the state of NJ is a force of opposition to the conduct of embryonic stem cell scientific investigation.

    keeping on
    Please note that I am not questioning your faith or your religion. I'm quite familiar with the catechism of the Catholic Church. I offer that one can believe both in God and science without contradiction. I'm not sure one can always believe in both the narrowest church doctrine authored in response to human interpretation of God's will, and the findings produced by scientific investigation. My comment and question speak to your statements, not your decision to be a Catholic.

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    Foolish old; we're in agreement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brucec View Post
    he's just signing the thing so taxpayers money is not spent on it, like other states, va is hurting for cash
    Considering the money that symposiums bring to VA on all things SCI plus their status at Richmond with a Model SCI Center that adds about $1 million a year from the feds he should just stay silent.

    I have heard that Governor Walker's brillantly stupid idea of seperating the UW-Madison campus from the rest of the system is based on backing he had from hard core right wingers. Madison is the only part of the system with a private source of funds for embryonic research.
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    Sue, what SCI symposiums are you referring to in VA?

    Also, Im not sure MCV/VCU is considered a Model Center anymore.

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    article from Minnesota on banning embryonic cell research;

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    Quote Originally Posted by keeping on View Post
    article from Minnesota on banning embryonic cell research;
    keeping on,

    It may be a good idea to post the "Minnesota" article in a seperate thread from the VA one. Members may want to be informed of this issue where a different state is involved and each state is at a different juncture in stopping stem cell research. IMO... Members living in Minnesota may have a chance to advocate against the legislation before anything gets passed and we end up losing yet another state to anti stem cell legislation! I hate to see another state go down without anyone fighting against it and just discussing rhetoric.
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    grammy; I rather think to post it on a a thread that is talking about differnt states conducting the same anti embryonic stem cell research rhetoric. Thanks anyway.

    keeping on

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