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Thread: looking for a cell phone

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    looking for a cell phone

    I am wondering if there are any cell phones that don't require much hand use for dialing and answering. What do you all use, etc..

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    samsung behold
    C5 with no grip/wrist ext. or triceps
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    Cant get any better then the iPhone
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    I have to agree with Mac 85 I have the IPhone 4 and it couldn't be easir to use I am a c5/c6 and have no problem with the phone.

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    I have an iPhone and find it the easiest to use. The good news is that if you are willing to buy one a model back (the 3GS) you can purchase it for only $49 dollars now. (if you are in the US)

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    If you don't want to pay for data, I have a Samsung slider (t629). Much easier than clamshells, because you just slide it to answer the call.
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    Quote Originally Posted by J/L View Post
    I am wondering if there are any cell phones that don't require much hand use for dialing and answering. What do you all use, etc..
    Hello J/L,

    I use the Droid X. There is a button to press to unlock but that is it...everything else is done by the touch screen. It is very easy to use for me. (C5-C6 Quad)

    Good luck.
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    Still using the old Motorola razor v3 flip phone here with this handle. I don't text, can voice dial or knuckle the buttons fairly easily.

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    for all you lucky people that are at the C-5/C-6 level with some better dexterity in your hands, I can see why you love the iPhone. I am due for an upgrade on my Blackberry Bold 9000 in May. I have been contemplating the different types of phones out there but most everything I do is done with the typing stick in my wrist brace.

    I am able to move the mouse on a computer, and I can get pretty good at using my finger to use a touchpad on a laptop, but there is no way I would be able to press a button on my cell phone without the stick. And I don't think that the iPhone would recognize something like an eraser at the end to scroll up and down. It's kind of like my microwave. I can hit the buttons but they don't do anything, if I slap my hand against it then all the numbers appear.

    What has helped me with the Blackberry is the trackball (even though I know people hate those) but to me the trackball is like a mini mouse. And anything that requires sliding something out in order to utilize would be futile. I've heard that there is some very cool phones either made by Samsung or HTC that don't necessarily need heat in order for the phone to activate or recognize your command. I may just stay with the phone that I have, but I would really like to take advantage of the new 4G network and the faster processing speed in the newer models.

    My phone is attached with Velcro to my chair right by the joystick, and I absolutely love the new Jawbone!! I can answer the phone just by tapping. It also announces via caller ID so that I can let it go to voicemail if I don't want to talk to them.

    I think the one thing that I would definitely want in the iPhone is the ability to use Skype to do videoconferencing! The new one looks super cool, but again I would not be able to hold the phone up to my face. Oh well... just more technology to research. But after my third Blackberry in five years I have never been disappointed.

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    Lawdog, I searched around and found this video. I use a bloototh headset.
    Here is how this chick is using the ipad w/ a mouthstick
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