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Thread: My Power Chair not working 'now i'm in manual chair

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    My Power Chair not working 'now i'm in manual chair

    My Power Chair not working 'now i'm in manual chair(my secondary quickie ti and it's tippy and my hands hurts b\c i just had hand surgery 2 months ago. My step son seems to njoy to tease me, my SO (wifey) haven't even notice. I tell u this gotta change cause i'm fed up with their bs support, i can do bad by myself, i have bend over backwards for them for years and they still don't appreciate smh.
    Anyway lucky u guys are here, b\c they wouldn't understand a venting sci.
    So i now gonna deal with this new dilema. i know things can be alot worst, imma njoy my life as much as i can, by planning my activties and not handle their problems like i use to.
    coolbreeze c6/7

    Keep on moving don't stop!

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    What a bummer about your chair. I am so sorry, and I know how much my hands and shoulders would kill me without the powerchair. I am sorry too that your family is so unsupportive, and it is probably a positive thing to try to enjoy what you can out of life and let them worry about themselves after years of supporting them. I hope you can get your chair fixed soon.

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    Sorry that things aren't going so well for you lately. Do you have anti-tippers on the back of your wheelchair? Do you have an adjustable axle plate which would allow you to move your rear wheels backwards to decrease the tippyness?

    It sounds like you need a day away from your family. Can you call a friend, cousin, neighbor or sibling and go out to a movie, resturant or bar?

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    I do need a break and a change thx guys. U know when I forecast my future, it's scary i mean it's a big challenge with sci and Yes, I have anti tippers on my manual also my plan is to push more anyway, but I wanted my hand to heal more.
    coolbreeze c6/7

    Keep on moving don't stop!

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    Hi coolbreeze

    Chair problems stink
    A few months ago my elec chair crapped out and my shoulders bother me it was 2 weeks of torture lmao slap me but it all worked out .
    I know how frustrating these incidents get
    Good luck

    Sincerely ;

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