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Thread: Who's for better grade aluminum in TiLite accessories?

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    Who's for better grade aluminum in TiLite accessories?

    It was time to get some more life out of the current set of tubular armrests on my TR as they got nice and creaky and sloppy. So I drilled another hole through the base of them to install another pin to tone down the rotational slop a bit (previous 'custom' pin hole wallowed out and had cracked tubing surrounding it). While drilling, I was impressed how quickly my drill made short work out of boreing though the aluminum base piece.

    I got to thinking...this drill bit isnt really the newest, must be really cheap soft alloy aluminum. Then I got to thinking...what if TiLite used something besides low grade aluminum such as 2024 and these armrests didnt wear out so quickly?

    It would be nice if the bases didnt wallow out like shown in the photo, then the armrests would keep alignment better within the plastic bushing in the armrest brackets, leading to no creaking when misaligned enough to make metal/metal contact.

    And hey, while we're at it...wouldnt it be nice if TiLite assembled these with actual solid pins instead of rollpins and locktite (which fails very quickly). Maybe even thicker wall tubing for added strength also? Then we wouldnt have to 'customize' these things out of the box?

    Just a couple thoughts...I figure might as well get some sort of campaign going on this, as I think if I presented these ideas myself I'd get a "sure buddy, use the armrests to rest your arms using them for transfers".

    So what do you say? Better quality materials...or use them as armrests only....or just keep paying the big bucks for mediocre quality parts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    "sure buddy, use the armrests to rest your arms using them for transfers".
    looks like you answered your own question.. you purchased the lightest ultra-light mass-produced wheelchair on the market and you're complaining about longevity of a component that you're using for a purpose for which it was not designed? Tell you what, next time buy a hospital chair and abuse it.. or live with what you have and count your blessings.
    FYI, 2024-T3 is the alloy of choice for the majority of non-ferrous aerospace components.

    btw, if you'd like a new set of armrests and brackets I have a set here you can have. free of charge, first thing I did when I got my ZRaI is unbolt them and start a pile.

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    The harder Alloys of aluminum would be a poor choice for that part- they are too brittle and would crack. You would have to go with a more flexible material like titanium or steel. And as far as using solid vs. rolled pins- rolled pins are lighter, and they lock in place better, less likely to work loose over time.

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    Tough crowd I guess. I had a vision of TiLite using the same material as the armrest receivers that bolt to the there is some aluminum that doesnt wallow out or mushroom yet has the same crossbolt going through it that supports the butter soft armrest base.

    I guess I should be less lazy and just stand up and not use the armrests to move off the chair

    Tooley...sure, if they are the 'tall' versions...I'll take 'em! PM me if you want some shipping $ or something

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