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Thread: how do you find going avgs for pca's?

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    how do you find going avgs for pca's?

    I live in florida and i know it differs from city to city but how do you find avg pay? i would like to stay around $300 a week but i know thats hard to get without offering room and board. i run a lot of errands during the day (therapy and appointments and such) so i would generally need someone from 7am to 4pm. what sucks is i don't qualify for medicaid but I cant really afford to pay for the help i need. right now im doing the live in thing but it sucks also..

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    You're right, you will probably need to look for live in for that type of wage. In my area, PCAs who are privately paid make from $12-18/hour. For the hours you are describing, $300 would work out to less than minimum wage ($4.47/hr). No one is going to work for that alone.

    The best way to find out prevailing wages for PCAs in your area is to ask other PWDs. You can also check with you local ILC. They should be aware of prevailing wages for these workers.


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