My first heel sore was caused by riding all day in my mono ski with boots that were too tight. The second one snuck up on me last week. Not sure where it came from..
Both times it was the left heel. I have this unexplained hump on the back of my left heel and so my shoes fit tighter against that heel. So I am assuming that's why I get it on the left heel.

My wound care consists of a zero pressure policy. I bought some clog style slides (shoes) without heels. They are pretty stylish (kind of granola style) and I refuse to cut the backs out of my shoes, anyway. I keep them on by applying adhesive velcro to the inside of the shoe and on the top of my sock. It works pretty good.

But what else can I do besides keeping the wound clean and dry? Do vitamins or supplements help? Anything topical? Any way to enhance circulation?
Does anyone have any tips for speeding up the healing process?