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Thread: How to heal the heel-wound care!

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    How to heal the heel-wound care!

    My first heel sore was caused by riding all day in my mono ski with boots that were too tight. The second one snuck up on me last week. Not sure where it came from..
    Both times it was the left heel. I have this unexplained hump on the back of my left heel and so my shoes fit tighter against that heel. So I am assuming that's why I get it on the left heel.

    My wound care consists of a zero pressure policy. I bought some clog style slides (shoes) without heels. They are pretty stylish (kind of granola style) and I refuse to cut the backs out of my shoes, anyway. I keep them on by applying adhesive velcro to the inside of the shoe and on the top of my sock. It works pretty good.

    But what else can I do besides keeping the wound clean and dry? Do vitamins or supplements help? Anything topical? Any way to enhance circulation?
    Does anyone have any tips for speeding up the healing process?

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    I had a stage 2 wound on my heel once. My Dr advised me to keep it propped up with zero pressure, take vitamins and lots of protein in addition to the dressing changes I had.

    Is it an open wound? I've heard a lot of others talk about the Microcyn spray. I haven't tried it but it sounds like great stuff according to the others.

    Love your shoe idea. I wish I had thought of the velcro idea sooner. My dress shoes always fall off when I get in and out of the car. Thanks for sharing that.
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    I find that Microcyn or Verericyn (HydroGel) helps even if it's not an open wound.
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    Not so deep or open or black. More like a really bad blister but deeper) which eventually pops. It seems like it takes a long time to heal. I guess that is the bad circulation?

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    If it is a closed blister, or very dark brown/black, then it is most likely a DTI (deep tissue injury) type pressure ulcer. Do you wear heel boots at night? When you lay on your back, most of the weight of your leg is born through the heel bone. Wearing off-loading boots can help a lot to prevent these.

    You may have a bone spur or some type of bony injury that healed crooked that is giving you even more pressure.

    A diabetic shoe may be the best option, but only after this has healed. If it is not open, then there is nothing to put on it that will help with the healing. Keep all pressure off it, eat a good balanced diet, and keep inspecting the area a couple of times daily. If it gets "boggy", red/inflammed, or starts oozing pus from the edges, then something needs to be done. Otherwise, it is likely to dry up to an eschar which should NOT be removed until it falls off on its own...most likely 6-8 weeks.


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    Any way to enhance circulation?
    The Microcyn liquid or gel (or Vetericyn) will enhance blood flow to the area. This is why it is so successful when treating patients with stasis wounds, and diabetics whose circulation is compromised.

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    I highly recommend the Prevalon boots. I bought a set of foam boots because I didn't have a doctor's rx for anything, and I hated wearing they (so heavy, and they pulled on my hips when I turned over). The Prevalon boots feel more like down boots, and are much more comfortable to wear if you're a side sleeper.

    I agree with what KLD said above, until it's open just keeping pressure off at all times is the way to go. Mine healed up after about 7 weeks.
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    i use these cushioned gel inserts that stick to the backs of ur shoes and that has helped tremendously.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donno View Post
    I find that Microcyn or Verericyn (HydroGel) helps even if it's not an open wound.

    Ditto Donno...
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    Any way to enhance circulation?
    Elastic stockings enhance circulation. I have the same problem on my heel. The last time it was open, it only healed after I returned to elastic stockings.

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