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Thread: Info for my Dad

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    Info for my Dad

    Hello, I am looking for any information........

    My Dad (58 y/o ) suffered what they think is a spinal cord stroke Monday and immediately lost the use of his legs. He does have a history of Aorta dissection and clots. The stroke was not painful but his legs immediatly gave out on him while heading back to bed after using the restroom. He has slight sensation in his legs and can feel when your touching him, but can't move from the waist down. We do have him setup to move into a rehab center as soon as the hospital clears him, probably in 2-3days

    Can anyone give me advice and info on the recovery stats and what my family can expect??

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    I hope he is going to a specialty SCI rehabilitation center and not just a general rehab center. This is critical.

    Do you know his current level of injury and ASIA category?

    There is significant potential for getting some return with vascular damage to the cord, but it will take at least 2 years to maximize that return. If he is already improving neurologically, or does so over the next 1-2 months, this is a good predictor for getting more return.

    Was he in fairly good shape before, and physically active? Does he have a fairly normal weight? If so, he should be able to learn in rehab how to take care of himself and stay active from a wheelchair. It will be important for him to learn all that he can in rehab about how to maintain his health as well. Often it is best to plan for the worse (no return) and continue to watch for return, and learn to use it if it does occur.

    Welcome to CareCure. Get your father on-line here ASAP. He can learn a lot from our community.


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    His weight and health was good prior to the loss and he is a determiined guy.

    His clot or mss was at T9 but they mentioned injury at T11. I was reviewing the ASIA guidelines and I think he would be rated a B. He has feeling in his legs and feet, he can tell you where and what you are touching (not 100% but pretty high). When he tries to move his feet you can see some of the muscles trying to work.

    He is going to be moved to Magee, we were told that is one of the best in the area. ( Philadelphia ) Would you agree or recommend any others?

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    Magee is a good choice. Please keep us updated with his progress, and ask any more questions.

    He must have sensation at his anus to be considered ASIA B. Is that the case?


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