Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation Awards $656,585 to 70 Nonprofit Organizations

Quality of Life Program Expands to Offer International Assistance

(Springfield, NJ)-The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation (CRPF) announced today that it has awarded $656,585 in Quality of Life and Health Promotion grants as part of its 2001 funding cycle of the Quality of Life program.
Quality of Life grants, conceived by Dana Reeve, CRPF Director and Chair of the Quality of Life committee, are given to programs or projects that improve the daily lives of people living with disabilities, particularly spinal cord injuries. Funding is awarded twice yearly to programs that provide one-on-one assistance through access, advocacy, education, recreation, and technology, among others. The second cycle of the 2001 Quality of Life awards distributed a total of $313,095 to 34 organizations. For the first time in CRPF history, three Quality of Life awards will be given directly to international organizations in Canada, England, and South Africa.

The Health Promotion initiative, launched in 2001, seeks to remove societal and environmental barriers that limit the abilities of individuals with paralysis to participate in life activities. Participation in these activities improves physical and emotional health and prevents secondary conditions for persons living with paralysis. In its groundbreaking first year, CRPF awarded $343,490 to 36 programs across the nation, including four organizations that were former recipients of Quality of Life grants: Achilles Track Club, Warriors on Wheels, Wheelchair Sports and Recreation Association, and World T.E.A.M. Sports. A complete list of the grant recipients is available at Grant Recipients.

"These programs use creative thinking and understanding to overcome the everyday roadblocks most people living with paralysis face, from wheelchair accessibility to answering the phone," said Dana Reeve. "Though widely varied, each program focuses on helping people with mobility-related disabilities become more independent, more empowered, and better able to live the lives they choose."

The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation (CRPF), a national, nonprofit organization, supports research to develop effective treatments and a cure for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury and other central nervous system disorders. Until those treatments and cures are found, CRPF's Quality of Life Program is committed to supporting organizations and programs that seek to improve the day-to-day lives of people with disabilities.

For more information about the Quality of Life program or the grant application process, please contact the Quality of Life department at (800) 225-0292 or visit our website.


Quality of Life October 2001 Grants Cycle


Alternatives in Motion, Grand Rapids, MI

Alternatives in Motion provides wheelchairs to individuals who do not qualify for other assistance, and who could not obtain such equipment without financial aid.

Arizona Spinal Cord Injury Association (AZSCIA), Phoenix, AZ

AZSCIA will apply the CRPF Quality of Life grant to cover the costs of three vans to meet the needs of mobility-impaired individuals in three counties.

Capital District Center for Independence, Albany, NY

CRPF's financial assistance will ensure program continuation to construct accessibility ramps at the homes of wheelchair users who are unable to afford a ramp.


Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF), Berkeley, CA

DREDF will create a toll-free national hotline that will provide telephone technical assistance to people with disabilities who call with problems of disability discrimination or for other related information. The hotline will educate callers about their rights under disability civil rights laws, including the ADA, that provide protection against discrimination in housing, education, transportation, employment, public accommodations, etc.


Bethune Theatredanse, Los Angeles, CA

This Quality of Life grant will support Bethune Theatredanse's Dance Outreach program, a training and performance program in movement and dance for individuals with disabilities.

Forget-Me-Not Foundation, Lake Katrine, NY

The Forget-Me-Not Foundation will allocate these funds towards an art exhibition that includes work by 30 artists with disabilities and a video documentary on this art program.

Partners for Youth with Disabilities, Boston, MA

The Access To Theater program, offered by Partners for Youth with Disabilities, includes building the confidence, self-esteem and overall quality of life of youth with disabilities by enabling them to actively participate, create and express themselves in an important piece of our society and one in which they have been often excluded.

Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT

The Vermont Studio Center is the country's largest artists' community, with 75 artists and writers selected each month to represent a mix of mediums, cultures, experience, and ages. CRPF funding will provide fellowship awards for artists and writers with disabilities in 2002 and will also enable accessibility renovations to the main building.

Assistive Technology

Association for Independent Living of Utah, Logan, UT

Six centers for Independent Living that cover the entire state of Utah will receive $4,000 for the repair of assistive technology and the purchase of wheelchair batteries and low cost equipment.

East Tennessee Technology Access Center, Knoxville, TN

The East Tennessee Technology Access Center connects young adults with spinal cord injuries to each other, to mentors, and to social, educational, and vocational services in rural east TN through innovative uses of technology.

Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS), Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN

CRPF funding will be applied to the design and implementation of an interactive campus map to assist people with physical disabilities in navigating around a university campus.

Harborview Medical Center, Seattle, WA

At Harborview's Assistive Technology Center (ATC), the staff helps patients identify and learn to use assistive technologies that best meet their personal needs for communication, education, work and independent living. CRPF funding will enhance the services that the ATC provides to inpatients and outpatients with various levels of paralysis, often caused by spinal cord injuries, who are learning to optimize their quality of life.

Inglis House Foundation, Philadelphia, PA

Ingles House is a residential nursing home facility for adults with physical disabilities and their families. CRPF funding will allow 48 Inglis House residents to connect to the Internet.

Maine Center for Assistive Technology and Software, Gorham, ME

Funding will provide assistive technology services and training to 12 individuals with spinal cord and neurologically-based disabilities who have run out of insurance or other funding sources.


YES! To Youth, Portland, ME

YES! To Youth has developed the first "youth-run" television production facility in the United States. This grant of $5,000, will allow YES! TV media students to produce an educational talk show on "Increasing Public Awareness On How to Improve the Quality of Life of Children Afflicted with Spinal Cord Injuries." This talk show will be broadcast on the FOX network throughout the State of Maine.


Quadriplegic Association of South Africa (QASA), Pinetown, South Africa

CRPF's grant to QASA will fund three different programs: 1) the education fund will sponsor 18 quadriplegics on a computer course at New Horizen's College; 2) the Wheelchair Project will provide 5 electric wheelchairs to quadriplegics who demonstrate opportunity to gain employment from this opportunity; and 3) the art exhibition 2002 will organize an exhibition for quadriplegic artists in September 2002, including training and developing quadriplegics to become artists.


New Horizon's Independent Living Center, Prescott Valley, AZ

New Horizon established a new program to educate people with disabilities about legislation, discuss their benefits, evaluate their capabilities and areas of interest, refer them to appropriate agencies and/or train them to enter the world of employment. Included in this program are plans to provide transportation to classes, job interviews, support group meetings, social events and work.

Polk County Adult Development Center, Balsam Lake, WI

CRPF funding will provide scholarships for adults with physical and/or developmental disabilities to receive specialized vocational training and placement, which is not currently funded through public sources.

Practical Service

Art on Wheels, Inc., Cleveland, OH

Funds will be applied towards the development of an educational cd-rom, to be used by caregivers of individuals with disabilities. This cd-rom will be housed at the residence of each individual, to be placed in his/her computer as a caregiver arrives to offer assistance. The cd-rom will have the capacity to be personalized to offer vital information about each individual so that his/her wants and needs may be met to in the most effective manner possible, with the highest quality, while maintaining the personal choices and dignity of each individual.

Friends of Disabled Adults, Inc. and Children, Too!
Stone Mountain, GA

This program refurbishes used, donated, durable medical equipment and donates it to people who cannot afford what they need to recover from or cope with a disabling injury or disease.

Good Samaritan Health Center, Merrill, WI

The CRPF Quality of Life grant will allow the Good Samaritan Health Center to purchase a Biodex Unweighing System. The equipment will be used for gait, balance, and transfer training during physical therapy treatment of adults and children with disabilities due to CNS disorders.

Independence Care System, Inc. (ICS), New York, NY

ICS collaborates with adults living with chronic disabilities in coordinating a very specialized system of care that makes possible each member's full participation in community life. Funds provided by CRPF will repair and maintain wheelchairs for those individuals who rely on their use everyday.

Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund (MDIRF)
Pulham, Dorchester, Dorset, England

MDIRF provides financial assistance to injured riders for the purchase of equipment and house adaptations.

OPTIONS for Independence, Logan, UT

CRPF funding will provide a wheelchair lift equipped bus. The bus provides people with disabilities accessible transportation to community activities, support groups, meetings and events.

Project: Mend-A-House, Manassas, VA

Mend-A-House performs general home repairs and disability access modifications for disabled residents of Prince William County, VA. The CRPF Quality of Life grant will fund Mend-A-House's valuable work.

Rehabilitation Engineering Team, Mobile, AL

The Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services, ADRS, has a division called State of Alabama Independent Living, SAIL, that provides services to about 231 technology-dependent, homebound quadriplegics in the six counties surrounding Mobile, AL. SAIL consists of three programs that serve spinal cord injured quadriplegics: Independent Living (IL), Homebound (HB) and Medicaid Waiver (WAIVER). CRPF's grant will provide technology-related services.


Fighting Scots Wheelchair Athletics, Edinboro, PA

CRPF's funding will offset costs for new basketball chairs, event travel and assist in endowing a wheelchair athletics scholarship fund.

Friends of Aquatics, Colorado Springs, CO

Friends of Aquatics will utilize its CRPF Quality of Life grant to purchase one portable aquatic lift. This lift will be installed at the new Cottonwood Recreation Center.

Greater Louisville Rowing Foundation, Inc., Louisville, KY

CRPF funds will provide additional equipment and safety gear to augment and expand adaptive rowing opportunities to the greater Louisville community.

Limitless Sports, Columbia, SC

CRPF has provided Limitless Sports a Quality of Life grant to purchase and maintain sports wheelchairs and equipment for athletes in South Carolina. The grant will also be applied towards travel expenses, tournament officials and related costs.

McMaster Centre for Health and Promotion
Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

CRPF funds will subsidize a community-based exercise program for individuals living with spinal cord injury, providing consumers with an exercise program that alleviates barriers that prevent them from exercising (e.g., transportation to and from exercise facility).

Winning Wheels, Prophetstown, IL

Winning Wheels teaches skills to people with disabilities that will allow for more independence. This grant by CRPF will be used to purchase two Duet Plus wheelchair bicycles and two bundled virtual reality super packs.

Therapeutic Riding

Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc., Columbia, MO

The CRPF Quality of Life grant will allow Cedar Creek to purchase an additional therapy horse.

Fieldstone Farm Therapeutic Riding Center, Chagrin Falls, OH

Fieldstone Farm TRC provides financial assistance to students and families unable to pay the full cost and fee of therapeutic riding lessons. "Ridership" scholarships are instrumental in giving low-income people with disabilities the opportunity for equine-therapy. No student is turned away due to inability to pay his or her lesson fees. CRPF will provide one of these scholarships.

Total amount: 34 Total amount of funding: $313,095


Health Promotion
October 2001 Grants Cycle

Access Living of Metropolitan Chicago, Chicago, IL

The Civil Rights Enforcement Project of Access Living of Metropolitan Chicago is committed to equal opportunity and access for people with disabilities. Staff utilize advocacy, education and training, networking with other civil rights groups and legal enforcement to further the locally identified areas of need and the organizations broad advocacy goals in the areas of: domestic violence & sexual assault, personal assistance, housing communication access, education, health care, immigration, and transportation. The CRPF Health Promotion grant will further their programs.

Accessible Alternatives, Orlando, FL

The New Day training program at Accessible Alternatives, Inc. promotes the philosophy of independent living, consumer control, peer support, self-help and self-determination to maximize the empowerment, independence, and productivity of individuals with spinal cord injury or mobility impairment. CRPF funding will support this invaluable program.

Achilles Track Club, New York, NY

Nearly 3,000 New York City public school children with disabilities will be trained by their adaptive physical education teachers to run, walk, or wheel long distances, accumulating mileage on their school track during the year and tracking the mileage on a marathon map around Manhattan. CRPF will aid in sponsoring this marathon.

Adaptive Adventures, Evergreen, CO

CRPF funds will expand the understanding and use of adaptive cycles, primarily hand cycles, for disabled individuals and their families. Through new technologies, adaptive cycling offers a unique way for disabled individuals to exercise, integrate and socialize. Adaptive Adventures will organize and implement a series of Adaptive Cycling Demos and Clinics throughout the Rocky Mountains and Midwest.

Adaptive Health & Wellness Center, Inc.
Port Saint Lucie, FL

CRPF's Health Promotion grant will extend the holistic wellness program offered by the center to 20 persons with paralysis.

American Association of People with Disability, Washington, DC

The goal of AAPD's Disability Vote Project is to ensure that by the November 2004 election, every polling place is physically accessible and that there is a voting machine that allows voters with disabilities and others to cast a secret, independent and verifiable vote. The project also seeks to increase the disability vote so that Americans with disabilities vote at the same rate as other Americans with at least 17.5 million people voting in the next Presidential election.

Central Coast Center for Independently Living, Salinas, CA

CRPF will sponsor a conference for girls and young women with disabilities to teach participants how to address their health care needs to prevent medical and other secondary conditions.

Children's Seashore House of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA

Recognizing the needs of children with disabilities in the non-hospital setting, Children's Seashore House implemented the Disability Awareness Education Program in 1998 to promote acceptance, inclusion, and friendship among children with and without disabilities in the school setting. The program provides opportunities for young adults with disabilities to lead classroom exercises and participate in service-learning projects with non-disabled peers. CRPF funds will allow this program to flourish.

Condell Health Care Foundation, Libertyville, IL

CRPF's Health Promotion grant will benefit PACT, the support service of Condell Health Network, which serves children diagnosed with neuro-muscular disorders. Its goal is to promote adaptive functioning in the environment.

Courage Center, Minneapolis, MN

Courage is a leader and innovator in the disability field with services, expertise and advocacy and partnerships that promote quality of life, independence and community integration for individuals with physical disabilities and their families. Over 16,000 children and adults come to Courage Center each year to receive service. The goal for this program is to leverage their expertise in the field of disability and respond to the growing need for a holistic approach to life-long wellness for people with disabilities. CRPF funds will allow Courage to offer this program component to a wider audience.

Easter Seals Southern California, Santa Ana, CA

With CRPF funding, Easter Seals Southern California will provide scholarships and special adaptive water equipment to sustain the therapeutic and emotional needs of children with spinal cord and other physical disabilities in learning to swim.

ECMC Lifeline Foundation for Rehabilitation, Buffalo, NY

ECMC will apply CRPF funding to a One-Stop Driver Rehabilitation Program. The program will serve individuals with paralysis resulting from spinal cord injury, stroke, spina bifida and other conditions resulting in mobility-related disability. Services will include a behind-the-wheel evaluation with a vehicle adapted to suit the individual's needs, among other skills training.

First Step Foundation, Des Plaines, IL

CRPF's grant of $10,000 will provide a full day of motivational training for more than 35-40 quadriplegics, plus their helpers, caregivers and families.

Granite School District, South Salt Lake, UT

CRPF funding will expand current outreach efforts to insure that all students in the Granite School District with paralysis-related and other mobility-related disabilities have access to the government programs for which they qualify.

Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association, Lake Forest, IL

Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association was awarded a grant to organize more sports programs in power soccer, wheelchair floor hockey, adaptive swimming and to increase participation through offering programs in additional locations and at times more convenient for those with disabilities.

HSC Community Services, New Britain, CT

This is an operational grant to support programs that allow children and adults with disabilities to lead more active and independent lives through participation in sports and fitness programs.

Independence First, Milwaukee, WI

Independence First's program is the only community-based sports and recreation program for persons with disabilities in Southeastern Wisconsin. Activities include: sailing, snow skiing, basketball, ice hockey, tennis, water-skiing, boccia ball and many more. CRPF funding will allow for facility rental programs, program outreach/expansion, volunteer leader coordination, and stipends for low-income participants.

Independent Lifestyles, Inc. A Center for Independent Living
Saint Cloud, MN

Project REACH, an Independent Lifestyles program, will serve as the "Missing Link" between persons who acquire disabilities and the services and resources available to assist them in regaining a quality lifestyle.

Kitchen Angels, Santa Fe, NM

CRPF's grant will provide Kitchen Angels with the means to deliver frozen meals to clients living with disabilities in addition to their daily food. These frozen meals can be utilized as needed and free the Kitchen Angels' clients from having to save food from previous meals or only snack during the weekends.

Legal Aid Society of Minneapolis (LASM, Minneapolis, MN

CRPF funding for LASM will support Minnesota Disability Law Center's efforts to help persons with disabilities obtain the assistive technology they need to lead more independent, productive lives.

Mental Health Association in Elkhart County, Elkhart, IN

The Association received financial assistance from CRPF for their newly formed support group for people who become paralyzed during adulthood. The group's goals are to focus on abilities and to offer emotional support. The group meets once per month and is co-facilitated by Mental Health Association staff.

National Disability Sports Alliance, Kingston, RI

The America's Boccia Championship is an elite level event that is being held in the US. Five Pan American countries are expected to participate. The sport of boccia provides opportunities for a wide spectrum of participation. Persons with and without physical disabilities come together in the roles of athletes, coaches, referees, and event organizers. CRPF funds will insure that a quality event takes place in the United States.

National Wheelchair Basketball Association, Chicago, IL

This project will provide educational brochures and an educational video to assist spinal cord injured children and adults, coaches and trainers throughout the US to start, join and participate in wheelchair basketball. It will serve persons who have never participated and those wishing to re-enter the game.

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

This CRPF Health Promotions grant will provide Purdue University with sensing technology to help students with spinal cord injuries overcome the physical barriers they encounter everyday on the college campus.

Rehabilitation Institute at Memorial Health University
Savannah, GA

CRPF's grant will offset costs for a new sports/recreation program, implementing swimming, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis, wheelchair track and wheelchair rugby. Participants will be provided with access to adapted equipment, one-on-one training and competition. With the grant, the Institute will purchase two tennis chairs, five court chairs and two hand cycles.

Shared Adventures, Santa Cruz, CA

Shared Adventures addresses the causes of and intervene in the social isolation of people living with disabilities. With CRPF funding, they will plan a disabilities access guide, a broad scale "Faces of Disabilities" project, and continue to expand and improve the weekly social and recreational events for people with disabilities.

Southeast Alaska Independent Living (SAIL), Juneau, AK

SAIL will use CRPF funding to expand its Outdoor Recreation and Community Access program (ORCA) into a remote satellite office in Sitka, Alaska. This program will bring recreation and socialization opportunities to a new community in need of such services.

The Legal Center for People with Disabilities, Denver, CO

A grant from the CRPF will help the Legal Center make newer assistive technology available to people with disabilities through Medicaid and other programs. Additionally, this grant will assist the Legal Center with broadly distributing disability rights publications throughout Colorado and develop a plan to distribute in other states. The publications educate the parents of children with disabilities about the rights available to these children in education, services and assistive technology.

The National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain, Monterey, CA

The National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain advocates and provides for the adequate treatment of chronic pain. CRPF is providing funding for an outreach program which will offer direct counseling, patient advocacy, and medical assistance. The program will provide patient advocates and counselors for the direct support and assistance of spinal cord injured patients, specifically those who suffer chronic intractable pain as a secondary condition. Also, NFTP will research and develop educational information to be disseminated through their website.

Three Rivers Independent Living Center, Sioux City, IA

Three Rivers will initiate a peer support group program for persons with physical disabilities for the promotion of healthy living and community inclusion.

TIRR Foundation, Houston, TX

Financial assistance from the CRPF's Health Promotions Grant will provide catastrophically injured adolescents with hospital-to-home transitional services, and patient educational and recreational materials that will help ensure successful community re-entry experiences.

University of Montana, Missoula, MT

The CRPF award will increase the participation of wheelchair users in community life through the New Directions program. New Directions promotes self-management skills in rural areas with limited disability-relations health care options in an effort to avoid secondary health problems.

Warriors on Wheels, Inc., Roessleville, NY

This project will provide free health and fitness evaluations to any Capital Region resident living with paralysis or other related disorders. This evaluation will obtain data important in the prescription of the most appropriate fitness program and the healthy lifestyle changes necessary to improve health and quality of life.

Wheelchair Sports and Recreation Association, Quincy, MA

Wheelchair Sports offers programs of sled hockey, basketball, and quad rugby for people living with paralysis. Funding will provide hospital and community outreach, equipment maintenance, transportation, and expansion into new locations.

Wintergreen Adaptive Skiing, Batesville, VA

CRPF's grant will fund staff training and development in order to improve the techniques of the ski instructors in assisting skiers with disabilities.

World T.E.A.M. Sports, Charlotte, NC

CRPF funding will support the continuing expansion of the educational outreach program associated with World T.E.A.M. Sports' most expansive domestic event to date-the Face of America. Additionally, CRPF funds will be used to continue the development, marketing, production and distribution of free middle school educational materials.

Total amount: 36 Total amount of funding: $343,490

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