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Thread: Let's talk seriously & realistically: Medical Marijuana

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    My drs in pennsylvania knew I smoked. I wasn't using a pain clinic at that time, and at least three drs asked what it did for me. at the time it was the only way I could eat, it decreased spasm during the day, (not the night ones) and though I didn't get pain relief, I got a distraction from the pain that allowed me to enjoy moments that were not there without it.

    iv recently been trying to cut my pain meds in half. well, I have cut them in half. I live in another state. not very mj unfriendly and most drs test for it if you are on pain meds.
    I can't even , ......well the nerve pain that has returned is about as bad as I can handle. when Iv decreased to a 12.5 patch, I think I might ask my dr how she feels about the idea of my using MJ. it could be an adventure in getting dr dumped, but Im hoping not.

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    well, a kid got killed in the town I live near, trying to buy weed from an undercover. he tried to run away and got shot in the back.
    half the nation is ether ok with medical pot, or they are trying to go legal, while this place shoots teenagers in the back over almost purchased fake pot.

    I made it to a 12 mcg patch. Im pretty sure I can't handle this kind of pain forever. I doubt they have weed that would help it, but at least I should be allowed to find out if it would help. what harm is CBD oil if it can't be used to get any kind of high? I should have the opportunity to at least try it.

    Im still getting dope sick every few days. taking half a 5mg oxy for the worst of it, up to twice a day. there isn't much point describing the pain.
    people can't take narcotics for 15 years without some suffering when you stop. I think though, weed should have been an option at some point.

    what the hell would it do make me some kind of delinquent? stoopid place for a pothead to live. even worse for a gimp out of options.

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    Nice to hear you are cutting down on pain meds. So many side effects, I cut out the pain meds a while back too. My MJ use has stabilized to a few puffs a day. I live in a state that recently voted to legalize rec use but I use it for medical in reducing spasms and lessoning nerve pain. Like you said it has given me an awareness to enjoy the day that I would not of had otherwise. We are thinking of doing a cannabis walk down town with a few local businesses where they might use vapor and edibles and food carts. Hope your state legalizes soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaspora View Post
    Hello all,

    I have a question for all of you.

    I see various posts of peoples horror stories as they get addicted to pharmaceuticals, as they are treated like junkies by doctors and people alike, as they are slipping deeper and deeper into addiction -- and the point of no return.


    I am a paraplegic.

    I have pain, spasms, depression (it comes n goes) and other issues I need medications for.

    ALL of these problems are solved with medical marijuana. Why are you people not giving it a shot? why do you stick to what your doctors tell you and prescribe you?

    DON'T buy your marijuana from the street. It will be bad and will give you a rather dilluted view of the drug.

    Marijuana has never been more potent than it is today. There are 2 types:

    #1) Indica
    Indica's are good for PAIN and SPASMS. For me, 1 joint immidiatly STOPS my spasms and allows me to easily cope with the pain.

    #2) Sativa
    These are more racy. This strain is good for producitivty, anxiety, depression.

    All you need will be covered by these two strains. You don't have to SMOKE it, either. You can DRINK IT in an alcohol or glycerin based tincture. You can EAT it by way of BUTTER or OLIVE OIL. You can VAPORIZE it and avoid the toxicity of smoke.

    Why are you people hurting yourselves? set yourselves free. One smoke in the morning, and a cookie, and I have a really good and comfortable day. I then get home and smoke as needed. Sometimes I don't need it.

    And it is a NATURAL plant.

    All that you know about Marijuana is likely wrong. If it is GROWN properly and with appropriate GENETICS any non-believer, who is open minded enough to try, will be converted.

    Ask your doctors, look up your "compassion centers" on google with your city name; you owe it to yourself to try.

    We all just want to be comfortable and LIVE -- which is made hard by this crip life and all that goes with it, eh?

    feel free to ask me any questions,
    do with the info what you will.
    No questions here. You are right on. MJ works for me. It does not take away all the pain. It takes it down a level, relaxes my body and my mind to a point where the pain, 'now numbed', isn't the hell it is with out 'drugs'. I also use a 50 mph Fentynal patch every 72 hours and 10/325 Percodan.
    Gary Is = L-1 Para for 34 years.....................

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    Good for you. :-)
    Gary Is = L-1 Para for 34 years.....................

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    arizona issued a medical marijuana card to me last week. have not purchased any yet. i'm researching the in town menu prices versus going out to the less populated areas to get an idea on costs. the doctor i had for the certification visit said the marijuana is a good combo with morphine. does anyone have experience with these two as far as being able to reduce intake of the morphine?

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    What A Jackass of a Dr. To say something so stupid.. let me guess this is a pain management Dr. Who said marijuna goes well with morphine. .
    Do yourself the favor in life just stick to the marijuna. .
    These Dr.s don't know anything about it...

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    Marijuana is a medicine that is so easy to get addicted!

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    Crime down in Colorado 15 %... addiction is out of control.
    Slacker family who owners Oxytocin made 14 billion dollars and the people who become addicted to oxytocin is staggering... each day let alone each year..

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    Average rent in Denver went from $750. 00 a month to $2500.00 a month , they must be some dangerous people to be able to afford that ...

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