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Thread: Let's talk seriously & realistically: Medical Marijuana

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    Let's talk seriously & realistically: Medical Marijuana

    Hello all,

    I have a question for all of you.

    I see various posts of peoples horror stories as they get addicted to pharmaceuticals, as they are treated like junkies by doctors and people alike, as they are slipping deeper and deeper into addiction -- and the point of no return.


    I am a paraplegic.

    I have pain, spasms, depression (it comes n goes) and other issues I need medications for.

    ALL of these problems are solved with medical marijuana. Why are you people not giving it a shot? why do you stick to what your doctors tell you and prescribe you?

    DON'T buy your marijuana from the street. It will be bad and will give you a rather dilluted view of the drug.

    Marijuana has never been more potent than it is today. There are 2 types:

    #1) Indica
    Indica's are good for PAIN and SPASMS. For me, 1 joint immidiatly STOPS my spasms and allows me to easily cope with the pain.

    #2) Sativa
    These are more racy. This strain is good for producitivty, anxiety, depression.

    All you need will be covered by these two strains. You don't have to SMOKE it, either. You can DRINK IT in an alcohol or glycerin based tincture. You can EAT it by way of BUTTER or OLIVE OIL. You can VAPORIZE it and avoid the toxicity of smoke.

    Why are you people hurting yourselves? set yourselves free. One smoke in the morning, and a cookie, and I have a really good and comfortable day. I then get home and smoke as needed. Sometimes I don't need it.

    And it is a NATURAL plant.

    All that you know about Marijuana is likely wrong. If it is GROWN properly and with appropriate GENETICS any non-believer, who is open minded enough to try, will be converted.

    Ask your doctors, look up your "compassion centers" on google with your city name; you owe it to yourself to try.

    We all just want to be comfortable and LIVE -- which is made hard by this crip life and all that goes with it, eh?

    feel free to ask me any questions,
    do with the info what you will.

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    As a counter point. I occasionally smoked pot before my injury, so after my injury I naturally tried it for my neuro pain and it was an awful experience. It was literally two hours of my feet feeling like they were dipped in acid. Everyone is different and it doesn't work for everyone.

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    There are MANY variables, tried it 1 yr post and it was horrible. Certain strains help w/ some types of pain now.

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    It works for me

    Quote Originally Posted by t8burst View Post
    As a counter point. I occasionally smoked pot before my injury, so after my injury I naturally tried it for my neuro pain and it was an awful experience. It was literally two hours of my feet feeling like they were dipped in acid. Everyone is different and it doesn't work for everyone.
    I've been a working stiff for 20 years before becoming a paraplegic. I smoked three four times a week and never missed a days work, supported a family etc. No dope head no criminal.

    Now 33 years post para: I have gotten back into smoking every other day and IT HELPS! I use 4 each Percodan, 1 ea diazepam, 4 ea Ibuprofun, a 100 MPH Fentynal Patch 24/7, and am working on getting all required information for the DREZ at Craig. So, I have pain!!!!!

    The Marijuana does not get rid of it; it masks it, there is a feeling of 'numbness' where before having a few tokes it was burning/stinging. The marijuana also gives me (my mind) a certain peace of mind and causes me to be redundant? It is the mood that makes it for me, the mood is uplifting and to a degree overrides the burning/stinging pain. For over six months I went from smoking to not smoking and finally concluded that it works for me. Give it a chance as there are other advantages other than pain removal, such as, relaxation.


    I get legal medical marijuana.
    Gary Is = L-1 Para for 34 years.....................

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    I am currently looking into using marijuana to deal with the sciatica pain I've been having for a couple of years now. Ibuprpfen, Tylenor and Alleve do nothing for it. Had some narcotics and all the did was make me feel high and I felt like I was liking them way too much so dumped in the toilet. Talked to a medical professional who actually brought it up to me but could not tell me is thoughts about marijuana since it's illegal in our state but when asked if it would help with the pain he did a "wink wink nod nod" and said he could not say. I'm 48 and L1 since '93 and it's only been the last few years that I've been dealing with it and it ain't going to get better. I am overweight but have been doing weight watchers so I'm losing.........better stock up on lots of carrots LOL

    I'm just hoping it helps as it's getting harder to sit in my chair and do what I love to do shoot high school action sports with my Canon.

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    Just a little follow up.......IT WORKS!!!!!!!!! I got a little Sativa and tried it Tues night but only did a very small amount of puffs and it helped. Last night I tried more but I think too much but still this morning NO SCIATICA PAIN!!!!!!!!! If it hurts this evening I will try again but will not smoke as much. I really do not want to get "stoned" and don't care if there's a little effect but last night was too much. Plus I'm doing weight watchers and need to watch that. I'm a believer now!

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    Unfortunately, some of us live in states (relocating is not an option) where there is no such thing as medical marijuana. Anything you get is off the street and you run the risk of failing a urine test and not being able to get the only legal medications available to you.--eak

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    it works well for me. I still need some pain control other than mj.

    It is not legal in this state, and mj in a drug screen would be bad because finding a doctor is difficult, and folks must rely on pain clinics in most states where mj is not legal.
    a dirty test gets you booted out of a pain program, and you lose your Gp too.

    that is no good at all. Mj is good for many things. keeping a dr and pain control in a non legal state, isnt possible if you get a positive for Mj.

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    Hey Jody, Just wondering, are there such a thing as doctors who dont give a damn whether you smoke mj or not or is it sooooooo tightly regulated that doctors/patients records are screened to find users? I just wonder how it works as I have a mate living in NY (i'm in Australia) and I have been encouraging him to try it... I have no idea how your system works... But all my doctors know I use mj, and they didnt even bat an eyelid when i told them...

    I use mainly for depression and anxiety now. Gonna sound like an abuser but for me there isnt a better all-round pain/anxiety/depression drug available. I love where I live to. Although there aren't any places you can legitimately smoke in, there are places that turn a blind eye - as long as you're not making it blatantly obvious...

    I was suprised to learn also that I dont need to use it everyday... The effects last for 2 or three days (depression and anxiety only tho), pain is a different beast. I have never got addicted to it. I guess not using it everyday had a part to play in that. Although I did for a time (2 years) use it every morning... I had a lot of pain tho. After recovering from the operation for hip replacement (the reason for using it in the first place) I never felt the urge to smoke until I got back into life... My life long depression sunk in (for reasons I cant explain) and sucked my soul straight out of me... Tried zoloft & lexapro - they scared the crap out of me. Did nothing for the depression and anxiety, so I started smoking mj again. I have a good routine now where I dont smoke everyday (2 or 3 times a week), that keeps the demons away...

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    I'm in complete agreement with you.

    What level are you?

    And why the hip replacement?

    I ask because I suspect that I have something wrong in the hip because of the specific area of pain in my left hip.
    Gary Is = L-1 Para for 34 years.....................

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