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I hear people say "Not one death has occured" in conversations about MJ. I do not believe that statistic because you have to count all the deaths that have occured because of MVA's due to being stoned and murders due to drug deals gone bad, etc. It still alters the mind of the user. It effects different people in different ways. Just my thoughts!!!!
Use alcohol prohibition of the 1920s as an example. As the drug in demand (alcohol) became illegal violence increased. When alcohol became legal again violence associated with the trade decreased. Today nobody is killed over what they can buy in a liquor store.

Driving under the influence is a crime whether it be alcohol, prescription drugs, OTC medications, marijuana, other illicit drugs etc. Law enforcement should deal with that instead of possession or use.

Yes, marijuana does alter the mine. That is the point, but so does alcohol, antidepressants, narcotics and some OTC medications. People need to take responsibility for their actions when using these substances.

People love to talk about personal freedoms, yet laws criminalizing marijuana take away our freedom to choose what's right for us as one example. I say legalize it and shift all resources used to enforce that law toward education and treatment of addiction to other drugs.