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Thread: I have a problem!!! ADI disc brake.

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    i hope u solve your problem Nia. Im still deciding whether to get ADI disc breaks or not if its too problematic i think i'll go with surelocks
    I've got 99 problems but the wheelchair ain't 1

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    Did you try spinning the wheel on a different chair without the brake setup. That would tell you if the wheel spins freely or if it is a pad rubbing

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    @patrick : yeah i did, and it does spin's not a pad rubbing, since i loosen the pad that it doesnt touch the disc and still the wheel wont spin freely.

    @aaron : now i'm thinking about changing to surelock.but since my camber tube were cut to fit the disc brake,i might need to get a new one *sigh*
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaleB View Post
    Todd at ADI is who you need to be asking!

    PM him:

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    Hi nia adaha ;
    Here is a interesting link I think his phone # is on his blog just read the whole article and maybe drop him a line .

    This is from my own personal experience regarding whatever it is that we do to make people happy .
    Sorry if my typing is long ;

    Everything has to be set up 100% plumb I chop / modify motorcycles etc .
    I've seen a elcheapo bearing here is another thing the end caps that hold the bearings in the tube
    Being these have threads . some things use set screws and everything induces torque .

    A tread has to be tapered to screw a cap ( bearing cover ) or whatever in but because of the actual thread there is a angle to anything even the slightest face angle on a bearing makes a world of difference .

    So if a bearing cap holder is over tightened something can go out of plumb not 100% square this is why in motorcycle customizing we over compensate take into all these variables

    I take into account the persons weight , their style of use , the way one sits on a product into consideration to allow us to make something as comfortable . easy as possible .

    Although bearings are supposed to fit inside a tube , socket pocket tightly i've seen a no frills bearing someone else put in their bike a little crooked and give the driver / owner a fit on the motorcycle because they like to do their own work at home . On a Harley DynaGlide last year to be exact boy his rear tire would drag when he sat on his motorcycle .
    The problem < first he used no frills bearings and 2ndly he didnt know how to square up a motorcycle because bubba at home had to do his work then we fixed the problem

    When we sit in our chairs I take into fact that some flex is apparent especially with these newer super light ones .

    Maybe bring your wheelchair to a bicycle shop and have the tech look into how the bearings are .

    Sounds like something is not squared up because disk brakes you should be able to spin your tires easily and freely unless they are dragging some but it shouldnt .

    I hope you find the problem and get it resolved

    Our shoulders mean so much to us

    Have a good weekend

    Sincerely ;
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    Hello Nia, I'm Bryce. I work for ADI and deal with most of the disc brake installs. Your TR, with brakes installed should push easily, straight, and brake straight. I can't tell by your description above exactly what's going on yet, but here are some things you can try fist: remove the rear wheels and spin the rotors. They should spin freely with no sound of pad contact. Next remove the axle from the wheels and see if each of the bearings feels smooth. Insert just the axle into the receivers. Pry up and down with the axle to see if the receiver, or anything, is loose causing the rotor to become misaligned when there is weight in the chair. Make sure the disc is not interfering with any other part of the chair, like the frame or seat cushion when there is weight in it. Make sure the discs are turning with the wheels, ie properly engaged. The axles must be adjusted with very little side play.
    We can discuss it here, or you can call me at ADI during business hours 210-391-0008. If you bought your disc brakes from a dealer please contact them too so they are aware of the problem. We will also have to warranty parts through them as well if this was not a private purchase.

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    bryce : thanks for chiming in here.i have tried it all,the wheel (sun fusion DB) seems good.i tried putting the axle into the receiver and it doesnt seem's tight alright.maybe too stiff, if i may say so.and seems even the pad loosen, the disc wont spin freely.why is that so?
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    Nia, when you told me that you have ADI disc brakes on your TR, I was in awe. I always prefer disc brake because it's the best braking system but installing on a wheelchair is a tricky one.
    For a instance almost all bicycle which being sold here comes with disc brake and practically there is not much maintenace on it unless the cable breaks which normally I bring to the bicycle shop and get it done with it.
    My point here is why don't they fix the disc brake on the wheel instead of on the camber tube
    and come up with a easy cable hook up. All this will eliminate having the extra bearings and cutting the camber tube.

    I think I will get mine when they come up with a less complicated one.

    IMHO International buyers like us will and always at the losing end.

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    No problem Nia. Todd alerted me to this thread, but I'm not sure, as a manufacturer, if I'm at liberty to tell you to get your tools and and go at this issue. These are your brakes after all. Have your technician make significant changes to the system if you feel it can be dangerous. With that said, there is a black Delrin bearing in the disc hub. We used to use a roller bearing in there ,but we thought it was too heavy because it doesn't carry the weight of the chair rather just carries the disc until it is engaged with the wheel. I machine the center of the bearing tight (after disc assembly) to ensure its true so I can easily adjust the caliper. It should not be enough to drag the wheels at all. Look down the slot in the caliper to see if the disc is binding on one side or the other. I use a white piece of paper behind as a back drop to clearly see if caliper brackets have been bent out of alignment or the disc is bent. It is rare that both sides would have an issue. The 6mm bolts that hold the caliper on are also the adjustment. If I was talking with a DME tech, I would have them remove the calipers (not the cables), tie them out of the way and push around, maybe switch wheels to isolate the drag.
    Where did you get your chair from? I can look up your order when I go to work Monday. Has this been a progressive problem or has it been like this out of the box? Do you have the single variable lever or the dual lock-up levers? Was the center of gravity ,tire size, or casters changed or adjusted after the brakes were installed? Pics please.

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    Im sorry I havent updated this thread. I solved this problem by removing the calliper bracket and add a small spacer to some part to allign the calliper with the disc, it seems to work. need a little grinding on the spacer so it gets the angle i need. it has been a year and found no other issue.

    I guess it's just the problem with my unit. I'm glad ADI do the instalment by themselves.
    walking is OVER-RATED!!!

    Broken in August 14th, 2003. T9-L1 complete.

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