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Thread: Smoking/Vaporizing Marijuana

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    it's good to know there's a community

    Thanks to everybody for all the great ideas and specifics. I'm going to get to work with some baking goods and check out some recipes. I will post back after some experimentation.

    Thanks again

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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny View Post
    When I move to the land of med mj, I hope to try the indica strains, said to be far superior for pain relief.
    Sativa strains exacerbate my nerve pain. I try to get as pure an Indica as possible.

    This is my answer to the expensive volcano. The Happy Vappy. It has a button that a C4 Quad can turn on and off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sh1wn View Post
    Yes you can use shake, I just use bud because I live in a free state and grow. The cool part of alcohol tincture is you can just evaporate some of the alcohol until its where you want it.
    It kicks in pretty quick, but I put it down my feeding tube and it seems to works faster on a empty stomach.
    Other then the taste being different most strains work the same for me but I think that what I have been growing are about 50/50 or so.
    I did forget a important part, if you are using pot that has been drying for 6 months or less you will want to put it in the oven on a cookie sheet at 200F for 10-15 minutes, this makes thc more orally active but doesn't need to be done with older cannabis.
    It's been over a year since I have smoked and I don't miss it one bit, I have tried a few vapes and most where a pain to use and they really didn't do much for me.
    thanks for the info. I have a buddy on a feeding tube and we've been wondering what form to use

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    Highly recommend this one - no pun intended - for a personal vaporizer.
    It's reliable and clean. You can order one off Amazon for $100, my pipe days
    are gone. It's a very notable difference in lung/throat health switching away from
    butane torch technology.

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    Here's a nice vaporizer for home use. It does bags or you can use a whip.


    It's not as expensive as the Volcano, but I've never had the luxury of trying a Volcano to compare.

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    You filthy druggies make me sick. Why don't you get jobs and stop robbing houses you losers. Now, where is my Bourbon?

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    You would think as much of there is down here in Florida they would be easier on it but they are still tough on the pot laws down here,even first offences "can" get time , but I smoke very seldom anymore but it does help me cope with pain a lot of time , I just wish they would do like california here and look the other way a bit on the people that acctually can benefit from a little now and then. I would love to be able to grow one or 2 nice plants a year but down here growing even a small amount can be "intent to sell"..
    So I just pick up a little now and then from a safe supplier , if there is such a thing, But it does help . I would like to try making something with some too because I have been chewing stems when cleaning up stuff and get a long lasting buzz from that as well so now when I clean I dont throw out the stems I chew on em for the extra little relief..

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    new york has some of the most lenient drug laws in the country,however you would never know that by the way the cops scam the laws and people to make a higher level arrest , which helps their promotions, takes care of the ass-kissing to their boss, and makes them overtime.
    Possession of less than , i forget the number, but i will check, i will guess at 23grams of reefer( will check and edit) is not even a crime, it is a violation, per nys law.
    however open use or display is a misdemeanor. So if your smoking in public, or in the ally way, your a misdemeanor bust.
    The NYC cops have a scam, that goes like this, they stop someone, illegal, no probably cause, they have brown skin or something. They do a pat down for weapons, and then ask the person if they are holding anything illegal. They tell the person that they, the cops will go much lighter on them if the cooperate and they< (the person)will be much better off by turning over any reefer because if they make the cops search them by going in their sweaty shoes and stinky socks or in their pockets and get a handful of penis or balls, that will piss the cops off and they will definitely make sure they spend the night or weekend in the tombs /jail where bad people will want to rape them(video's on-line will confirm this).
    So the illegally stopped person, will get scared and believe the lies from the Nazi cops and turn over a joint they have in their sock or pocket/hat.
    The cops will promptly arrest them and bring them in for misdemeanor drug possession, even though it is well under the limit and should be a citation.
    The way the lying cops play this overtime scam is that the law states displays in plain sight , and since the person , pulled the reefer out and displayed it, even though the cops lied and asked him too, since the are scared to piss off the cops. It doesn't matter>
    That is why NYC has the highest misdemeanor arrest for reefer well under the citation limit.
    since most of these kids cant afford a lawyer , unless they get a decent public defender or a judge who is tired of seeing this shit and throws it out, or they may plea bargain a deal with the DA, that is s till a misdemeanor, but no time or fines.
    Now they are fu$%ed for getting jobs, scholarships, admissions into good schools, because of sc#m bag cops, who in fact are the real criminals here.
    There was a good new york times story on this practice in NYC
    cauda equina

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    I guess you can blame the cops all you want, but pot is still illegal to possess. To say all the cops have a scam on minorities to me sounds just as bad as stereotyping any other group of people.

    Who I blame are the politicians for not even opening the subject of legalization up for serious and honest debate because they either fear losing their job or are just pandering to special interest groups. During the last presidential elections Obama called the war on drugs an utter failure however, not much as changed since. IMO if they took half the money they spend on the war on drugs and funnel that into education and treatment, it would be a much better investment for everybody. Few congressmen sign off on drug referendum bills and they usually die in committee yet pharmaceuticals are what's really killing people.

    Tearing families apart and ruining our kids futures over marijuana is not only ridiculous, but a lose lose situation for everybody. People should just take a look at the example Portugal has made regarding drug laws, but I guess tradition is hard to break and admitting mistakes embarrassing.

    @GaryV, I hear you. I never understood how possession (within reasons of course) = trafficking. If I knew a person who bottled his own beer or wine, I wouldn't automatically assume he's operating a bar. An ounce of pot (28g) to me is a nice round amount. It isn't exactly a lot yet that's a felony conviction in most states. You can find all the state laws regarding marijuana from I too would love to grow a couple of nice plants, but there's just too much to lose.
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    All I can say is I'm glad I live in a free state, and feel bad for the rest of you. Course the feds could change all that with the stroke of a pen..either way for all of us.

    I can vouch for the Extreme, and for portables, the iolite and magic flight box alpentalic posted. Don't really get "high" as in baked, but I can feel my body just going aaah and sorta relaxing and numbing. Takes the edge off burning that narcs won't touch.

    There are no "pain contracts" and my doctors advise/approve of it.

    Disclaimer: Since I started having serious sleep troubles, I've not
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