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Thread: Smoking/Vaporizing Marijuana

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    I was grounded for an entire summer two years ago. My vaporizer got me through it. Could purchase Gary.
    And thanks for the tip on the dregs. I've got an entire bottle full. I'll put it in butter.

    Quote Originally Posted by garyv View Post
    From what I can understand using a vaporizer is better for you that you do not get the tar buildup to start with. Then if you use a vaporizer the length at which you almost burn it is like 3 stages , one it does not even look changed but just a little dryer, the next gets a little darker and the 3rd is dark and has a popcorn flavor which is a little too hot. but you can still use the pot in butter or straight mixed with brownies,cookies or whatever and still get a little help off of it, so I am all for getting a vaporizer as soon as I can get a spare hundred bucks, I just broke my femur last week near the hip (but still on the femur luckily) so I am out opf commission for a few weeks now, and have made an appointment with the wound care clinic because the head nurses did not know , even the dr doing the surgery should have said to get me an air mattress while they did surgey but now I have a red spot that was a blister near my tail bone and also I have a real funny looking spot on my left knee that looks like a weird bug bite or something that has a bad looking center on it now, it is not open or anything just turning dark, and there is no pressure on my knee so it is funny, but that will be looked at next week too..sorry got off topic alread started a diff thread for that stuff , but if interseted do a you tube on vaporizers and you can get a lot of info there, like thousands of vids on it, which is helping me choose, I might just get it from the local guy to help him sta in bussiness its just they have to charge more for over head and all but 50 bucks over is 50 bucks over..

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    I wonder whether it is healthier or maybe not so much more on the action.

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    I am a new trach patient and need help! I have used marijuana for years to manage headaches - now I have a whole new pain and cannot smoke! Any ideas on how to ingest it without smoking? I am also a Type 2 Diabetic so brownies well.... not so much! Anybody - please help!!!!

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    What is Trach?

    Other methods of ingesting cannabis are;
    - butter
    - oil (which can be eaten in capsules like pills)
    - tincture (alcohol or glycerin based)

    Where are you located?

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaspora View Post
    What is Trach?

    Other methods of ingesting cannabis are;
    - butter
    - oil (which can be eaten in capsules like pills)
    - tincture (alcohol or glycerin based)

    Where are you located?
    This would be a tracheotomy, a surgical opening into the wind pipe. This person does not indicate that they have a SCI.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Van Quad View Post
    My vappy just made me happy. I'm usually an after supper guy but I just came from the dentist.
    Can someone suggest a good brand of vaporizer. Thinking of giving it a whirl since I'm not have any luck with meds and smoking it can't be great for the lungs. I've smoked and it only takes a few times to muck up a pipe. I'd like to get a good one but I dont want to spend 5-6 hundred dollars on one. Are there cheaper ones that do a good job?

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    Thanks Jim, I have done this and there are so many brands. Like buying anything else I'm sure many of these are good, but I'm looking for someone to recommend one that knows alot about them since i don't. I'm willing to spend $200.00 if that helps.

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    Medical cannabis is ideal in regards to long term treatment. Its important not to have too much fun while medicating, this is why its administered before training/p.t. sessions. Pre heat the extreme q to 205 degrees celsius for seven mins. with space case grinder work up some cannabis until nearly fine. place dosage into heated bowl, wait a few minutes. drop temperature to 190 and enjoy medicating the tasty vapors.

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    I have a hand held portable Iolite which costs $200.00 and is fantastic !!! Checkout

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