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Thread: Broke my handcyle frame:(

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    Broke my handcyle frame:(

    Well, today was the day I've been dreading. Went out for an afternoon ride, everything going great. Started into a downhill section and halfway thru felt the handcycle start flexing a little more than usual. Made it the last mile or so back to my truck expecting the worst. Sure enough, I made a 2.5" crack around the headset area of my frame. Bogus! Looks like I may be able to save it though. Wonder if I can ever count on it again for offroad riding after welding it up?

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    Some frames have a good guarantee. I broke a XLT pro 2000 and CHris Peterson from Top End made me a new frame. Course that was back before Top End sold out to Invacare so things may have changed. I'd still check with the manufactuer just to see.

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    Yeah, mine is a Halls Wheels. No guarantee there either.

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    U should be able to weld it or heliarc it easy enough, just find a good welder in the yellow pages. On my old handcycle I had to have the frame welded a number of times.
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    Yeah, seeeing as Hall's is no longer around, welding should do the trick. For myself, I don't think I'd take the chance? I had a frame break just affter doing a high speed downhill and crossing a busy hiway. I cringe still thinking what would have happened if it had split earlier by just a few minutes.

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    bike shop. had to get some done when someone tried to steal mine. the kept it about a week and it cost me about a hundred bucks for the weld and other repairs, not including the 65,00 seat.
    my trike is broke too so, I feel for ya.

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    It can be made stronger, have your welder reinforce that area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gpbullock View Post
    Yeah, mine is a Halls Wheels. No guarantee there either.
    Can you show me a picture of the break? I can tell you the best way to fix it. I have had a few Halls sit-skis here & he uses fairly thin tubing {in the .035" - .049" range} that is very thin for most MIG/muffler shops, ect. Give me a look at it & I'd be glad to advise. I build bikes every day. - Steve.

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