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Thread: Spadfan is in the hospital

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    Spadfan is in the hospital

    My husband, Spadfan, had emergency surgery on 17 Feb. to clear up some scar tissue that was constricting his small intestine (he had a colostomy done almost 8 years ago). Because of the amount of scar tissue and how fragile his small intestine had become, the surgery was rather complicated.

    On Sunday morning, 20 Feb, he had a mild heart attack.

    Between the 2 events, he's going to be in the hospital for a while and asked me to post to CC. Since he most recently posted under this category, I chose it.

    Your thoughts and prayers would be appreciated!

    Mrs. Spadfan (AKA Quiltcrazy)
    William M.
    T 6/7 Complete - 4/20/74

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    Send him our best.

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    oh dear! thank you for letting us know. Please send him my best wishes, and good healing vibes. -- Ami (AB spouse of Chad, C4/5)

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    Thinking of you and Mr. Spadfan. Will keep you both in my prayers.

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    Thinking of you both. Please send him my thoughts for a speedy recovery!

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    Wishing you both the best!

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    sending prayers for you both...

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    I hope it turns out well for him. Best wishes to you both.
    - Richard

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    Wishing the best.

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    So sorry to hear of this. Wishing Spadfan a quick return to health, and sending well wishes to you too.

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