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Thread: Searching for locals, central jersey

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    Searching for locals, central jersey

    Looking for others within 5 maybe 10 miles of the Princeton junction train station, new jersey. I'm a really independent c7 in a manual chair, 20 months into this lifestyle. Looking to just meet others, learn tricks of the trade, share stories and maybe have a laugh. I've tried loads of activities, hell, I'll try anything at least once. Reach out and respond if anyone has info on local clubs or if just interested in hanging out. This isn't some cry of desperation to make a friend, I was just curious how many others are close by and thought it would be nice to meet.

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    Hi, I'm originally from Hightstown but now in the frozen wasteland that is Michigan. Have you tried to attend an event at the nearest PVA, you don't necessarily have to be a vet to affiliate with them. You may also want to hook up with your local Independent Living Center. There must be tons of sci folks in NJ. Wish we had full serve gas here in Michigan.

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