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Thread: fishing?

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    I love to fish. Most importantly I love to eat fish.
    Before my injury, I fished with my brother and dad for blue fish, flounders, sand sharks, rays and sometimes stripe bass.
    I've been searching for videos on how to transfer from wheelchair to boat but haven't had any luck. I guess when I'm ready I will give it a try.
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    to my alarm: "quiet b*tch! I know what I have to do every two hr. Argggggg!!!!"

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    hey TJ yea those are all rainbows thanks man....i love to catch them but not big on eating them i got family that loves them so i give them away

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    Quote Originally Posted by TJ-MN View Post
    Man I love the pond Dusty! Did you put any special features in it, like specific structures and such?
    Great view Mikek..very nice.
    Deel rainbows correct? Good looking stringer!
    we got some tree tops in the deep end

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    Mutant Lake Trout
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    Thanks for the compliments. Fishing is only good on incoming tide and perfect at sundown.It doesn't matter if you catch any fish when the weather is so beautiful in the evening. Also mosquitoes are rare because it is salt water and moving.

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    thats me in my avatar fishing in Argentina. I also have a kayak with outrigger pontoons and a special seat that gives me extra support, for bayfishing. I also find it effective to fish off a 4 wheeler around the edges of a lake if I do not have a boat.

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    Hey nice brown trout lonecoaster! I fish for trout, got about 30 lakes around me, to choose from, for bass,catfish, brown, rainbows, tiger muskie, and the ever popular chinook salmon, silvers and humpies, then there's the steelhead. Got a full schedule.

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    water is the life
    I hope to start soon getting more catfish

    Hope you all have a lovely sunday
    I hope to be outside working on a boat or something
    I got to start re rigging mine if I ever get the chance lol he is always too busy to give me a hand

    Who knows

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