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    sorry i dont post much but everything i need to know i can find by searching or its already been answered. im visiting my sister in tennesse and forgot to bring any enemeez, so i got some dulcolax bisacodyl 10mg. i used magic bullets for a long time. i did bp on friday tried a half of one, waited 30 min and did dig stim with no results. used the other half and more dig stim with good results. and was fine until saturday morning woke up with a bowel accident went to the bathroom tried to see if there was any thing still there and nothing. had two more accidents through the day. should i use these again today if i don't get anything with dig stim? i dont really think i should is there anything else i should use.

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    Your accident was most likely due to incomplete emptying with just a 1/2 of a bisacodyl suppository. I usually calculate that a Magic Bullet is equal to around 1 1/2 of a generic bisacodyl suppository (or Dulcolax brand). Try again using 1.5 suppositories and see if you don't do better.

    You might want to make up a packing list for any future trips. We keep one on our computer and check things off as we pack to be sure that we don't forget anything (equipment, supplies, meds, etc.).


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    Ducolax Ingredients:
    Active Ingredient (in each suppository): Bisacodyl USP (10 mg).
    Inactive Ingredient: Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil.

    Magic Bullet Ingredients
    Active Ingredient (each suppository): Bisacodyl USP (10 mg).
    Inactive Ingredient: Water soluble polyethel glycol

    The water soluble ingredient in Magic Bullets allows the Biscodyl to disperse in the bowel more quickly, so peristalsis (and thus a bowel movement) begins earlier with Magic Bullets than with Ducolax or generic Bisocodyl suppositories formulated with hydrogenated vegetable oil which takes time to melt.
    Either way, isn't 10 mg of Bisocodyl in either product equivalent? If you use the Ducolax or its generics than you definitely have to allow more time for complete evacuation (that has been my experience). It is interesting however to read the directions for both Magic Bullet and Ducolax or its generics. Both say their products begin to work 15 minutes to an hour after insertion.
    Another thing that could be going on is that your body (and your expectation) is used to the Enemeez product and the stimulation provided by the ingredients.
    Enemeez Ingredients
    Active Ingredient 283 mg Docusate Sodium.
    Inactive Ingredients: Medicinal soft soap, Polyethylene Glycol and Glycerin.

    All the best,

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    There is actually less bioavailability of the bisacodyl in generic or brand name suppositories than in the Magic Bullet, although both list 10 mg. bisacodyl as the active ingredient.


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    dunno if this is helpful to anyone.

    i've been using 1 generic dulcolax from my pharmacy for 9 years with good results. i'm c/6/7 and have some rectal feeling.

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