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Thread: Dizzy feeling

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    GL, mine tried me on Lyrica and for me it was ugly. I had to go back to Gabapentin. I had to go to the max. 800mg four times a day, but it works a lot better for me.

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    Yea I hear ya

    I just had surgery so maybe Monday i'll go to my Physician and see what he and I can come up with because it is the 3rd time that the Lyrica made me feel very Dizzy
    Thank you

    Sincerely ;

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    So what did ya switch to? just curious?
    Has it been five years yet? ..........

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    I was going to ask my neuro to try Lyrica, because I do not think Gabapentin was helping me that much 300 mgx3 a day, but after reading how dizzy and funny it makes you all I am wondering if I want to even try any thoughts??
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    Everyone is different.....Keep having to say/read that on this site. you wont know till you try it...
    Do you live alone and take care of yourself? If so, I may suggest having someone with you to watch over you IMO.
    When I woke up with my pupils Diolated Huge and actually felt like I had taken some crazy drugs, I was thankful i had a friend to call and spend the night with me so I could make it to my appointment the next day. Otherwise, I was thinking about calling an ambulance and going to the E.R.
    For others here, I have seen it was very helpful.....
    Has it been five years yet? ..........

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    Hi Baron
    I live on my own & have friends that I can contact if I need to
    currently not taking much medicine trying to let some special antibiotic do it's job then i'll see my reg physician probably Monday


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