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Thread: Aero Z caster roams free- and brings the pain

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    Aero Z caster roams free- and brings the pain

    Was out for a friend's birthday last night. Wheeling my Aero Z across a sidewalk and suddenly- *crack*- my front right caster wheel/fork bent backward and banged me to a halt. I think the locktite had worn off the tension bolt that holds the angle of the fork; then the angle became free and fancy dancin'.

    My question is- what should I look for to make sure no permanent damage was done to my new-to-me chair? I've taken the bolt out of the angle adjustable joint- it was still straight and not eaten up. I popped the caster out and examined the axle- it looks straight but I don't have a caliper to check it against.

    Is there anything else I should look for? I'm kicking myself that when I bought it, I just assumed everything would have been tightened up. Now I need to go over the whole chair from top to bottom. I don't want to be dumped on the sidewalk again. Any major screws/joints I should check out first?

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    In case anyone reads this in the future- I found that a locknut had been stripped. We went to Home Depot and they didn't have the right screw. The grooves are very close together on the bolt so we had to skip buying new bolts after four stores didn't have them. The locknuts were found at a hardware store- not a big box or even the local big mobility store.

    So FYI- check the locknuts often and that your caster forks have no wiggle room.

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    thanks for the heads up, i'm getting my aero z in 2 weeks
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