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Thread: Van - Rebuilt Engines

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    Van - Rebuilt Engines

    I have a 2002 Chevy Express 1500. It's in great shape, no rot, but the engine might be dead soon.

    Anyone have experience with rebuilt engines?

    I hear Jasper rebuilts are good. My van new was $36,000 w/o the handi-crap equipment, which is why I'm seriously entertaining the idea of a rebuilt engine, hopefully less than $5,000.

    If anyone has any experience in having a new engine, I'd love to hear about it.

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    My mechanic swears by the Jasper rebuilds. Definitely cheaper than a new van, especially if yours in in good shape!
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    Van-rebuilt engine

    Have you priced a new "crate" engine through a G.M. dealer? This may be cheaper than a rebuilt with less down time. Either way, labor will be more than the cost of the engine.

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    Have you had your current engine checked out by a good mechanic? You must have run it into the ground. I am still using an 88 Chevy van with the original engine.
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    I usually replace my van about every 7 years, just figure theres too many behind the scenes things that could break, and i'm not in a shape to do roadside repairs anymore
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    How many miles are on the van? If a lot then you may be better off finding another van to transfer your equipment to because what will go next? transmission? rear end?

    To answer your question about replacement engines, I would go with a GM crate engine. They come with a great warranty and are fairly priced.

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    jasper engines are junk, not uncommon to have different bore sizes within the same engine block(like 1 being bored .15over, 1 .30 over, and another.60 over). the biggest part of reliability falls in the hands of the repair person, not neccessarily the parts. good repair technicians are hard to find any more, they all just are parts swappers anymore, no diagnosing and repair, just start throwing new parts at it until it's fixed.

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    There's nothing wrong with a remanufactured engine. I used to work at a Ford dealership and once in a while one a car blew it's engine, and it wasn't under warranty, we would always offer a remanufactured engine. New engines cost twice as much. Make sure the technician who is checking it out is all of diagnostics required. A lot of times what seemed like a mechanical problem is nothing more than a new spark plug wire. If it's gotten direct fuel injection, they could even be one of the things that injects fuel into the intake manifold. It's really important to get a full diagnosis before you go on replaced something as expensive as an engine. It's rarely actually the engine and that you have over 150,000 miles on it or you haven't kept up with maintenance.
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    Have you considered a used engine? I know a mechanic that does a lot of motor swaps, putting late model fuel injected motors in old cars and gets low mileage engines from wrecks at a good price with a warranty. He usually gets them from a local guy but uses the internet for ones that guy doesn't have. I saw this place on tv last week.

    My brother bought a reman engine once and it failed at about 10,000 miles. They offered to supply the new parts but it was up to him to fix it.

    You could also go to a machine shop and discuss rebuilding your engine. This could get expensive if you can't do the labor.

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    There are a lot of junk yards with great engines, cheap and from a crashed van is probably a good one. For around $300 i would get one and run it oustide, if good i would do the sawp, if not, rebuild and in the meanwhile use that one you already have. But this is me talking because i could do the rebuild and have a friend to put it back on.

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