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Thread: Please confirm

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    Grammy , good response and keep up the good work Now get back to work.

    keeping on

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    Quote Originally Posted by keeping on View Post
    Grammy , good response and keep up the good work Now get back to work.

    keeping on
    Glad you're impressed! hummm....sure thing Chief

    You should take a vacation from your heavy workload!

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    No vacations Grammy, I might miss your animations. I better start posting; seems your catching up.

    keeping on

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    LOL...2 retards arguing- hahahah
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buck_Nastier View Post
    Same old THREAD CRAPPER (aka)... Allan1(hahahah)...I guess you didn't get the memo years ago from America, but it is socially unacceptable to use the word "retarded" unless you are mentally challenged or suffering TBI. Since you obviously fall in a fried brain from drugs catagory it's way over your can it! Nobody here is interested in your constant bashings on retards, jews, women & gays, etc...You get old really fast! Your 66 post reputation preceeds you. So move on!
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