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Thread: Almost struggles to be something I am not

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    Too bad it happened to you. My brother gave up after they lost his files, applied again and got tired of waiting for the call. I think it is to discourage foreign people, he and my sister in law were dating for about 10 years before getting married and she is both american and portuguese.

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    no more red white and blue cake! Apple pies!

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    Dear Mark,

    Congratulations on being "almost there," and my apologies, on behalf of my federal government, for how poorly you've been treated.

    I urge you to contact your and your wife's U.S. Representative to seek a refund of the second $675 payment, and to ensure there are no further screw-ups with your appointment. The Rep's local staff should be able to help but, if not, I'd contact my U.S. Senators next. Contact information for all can be located here:



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    And you still want to join us??? LOL

    I don't want to jinx you by saying congrats so I will just wish you luck....and lots of it.

    I hate that you have been through so much but its reality for most channels of the US government and just keeps getting worse. Every letter I get from Social Security and Medicare just leaves me scratching my head....

    You can try to get your money back but our current system is broke and we are in debt. However, I believe they did rip you off. will get to party this time and enjoy your cake.
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    Wow, sorry you are having such a hard time Mark. Guess we were lucky my husband just became a citizen yesterday he applied five months ago the process was fairly quick and painless wish yours had been. I can see why some would just give up on the whole process.

    Good luck and they owe you a refund!
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    So, I don't tell anyone that my citizenship is today. I took Olivia (16) out of school (it's a civics class lets say) and drove to Atlanta for the final interview. Scheduled time 11:15am so we arrive at 10:30am. It is 1:30pm when we finally get seen. I take Olivia into the interview, since this is going to be a good Civics lesson for her. The lady was nice and the interview went well; I got all the history questions right.

    "Congratulations! You are approved to become a citizen. However, it is 1:45pm and the ceremony is at 2pm, we have been running late today. There is just no way we can have the second reviewer look at the case; we will write you a letter and you can come back another day for the actual ceremony and citizenship......"

    I knew it was all too good to be true. This was not going to happen today, thank God we hadn't baked a third cake.....

    I was really disappointed. I asked her to get her supervisor so I could at least speak to him.

    The supervisor came in and I told him the story I have related here. I told him about the mis-reading of the 90 day rule - "yes, we had 5 people fall for that just today" he said. "You really do need to look into changing that....that cost me $675".

    I continued with the story about the lost files, the wasted cakes.....I even lied and said we had baked another cake, so this was cake number 3 going to waste.

    Finally I said "look, please understand that I am not being ugly at you; I know this is your job and some things are out of your control. I just wanted the opportunity to express my frustration and disappointment to someone here...."

    Well, the supervisor looked at me and said "my plan was to come in and back up my collegue here who told you that you have to come back for another date, but....I see you have been messed around more than enough already. Give me the file, I'm going to push this one through....even if I have to swear you in myself after the ceremony..."

    Wow - what a nice guy. I thanked him profusely....

    In the end we just made it into the main ceremony, last seats at the back.

    I was able to stand up and take the Oath, and then The Pledge of Allegiance. I wish I could have a picture of me standing there, right arm in the air, with little Olivia standing with me, holding onto me so I didn't fall. Oh well....

    Anyway, it's all over...and home really is home now.....

    Here are some pics...

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    That's great, Mark, now can you help me get French citizenship? It'll be an even trade.

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    Welcome home!

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    Oh, how wonderful! Made me cry a little there at the end. I'm so happy for you and so glad that you found a person who cared enough to step in like that.


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    Congratulations! My husband had to wait two months for the naturalization or swearing in part there wasn't a ceremony scheduled the day he took his test. We live in middle tennesee had to drive to four hours to west TN for the test (we were there every bit of fifteen minuts), two months later drive 3 and half hours to East TN for the ceremony lol. We were hoping the Ceremony would be in Nashville or Chattanooga but no such luck.

    Sorry you had so much trouble but now it is all behind you.
    A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject. ~Winston Churchill

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