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Thread: Drawings for a homemade standing frame?

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    Drawings for a homemade standing frame?

    2o years ago in Rehab they had standing frames that were basically plumbing pipe screwed together and bolted down on heavy duty plywood. when you stood up you strapped a wide leather belt behind your heels, one in front of your thighs and one behind your butt. It was simple, sturdy and worked like a charm.
    I was thinking of making one but it has been so long and I can't remember the details. Anyone know of any construction drawings for a standing frame? It seems ridiculous to spend 5k or better on the store bought frames.

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    I built this kind. I put a carabiner clip on the strap that goes behind the butt so I could get in and out by myself. You lean over the top strap and then clip the strap behind your butt then straighten up. Then you can put a piece of wood or plastic across the top for a table top while you are standing. I got the plan from Craig Hospital when I was a patient there.

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