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Thread: peeing output

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    peeing output

    I have a indwelling cath and something weird has been happening latley with the hours I pee. I drink 2-1/2L of water plus milk and juice a day, for some reason I pee the majority of my pee at night. I understand once your legs are up in bed you pee a bit more but it's bad. I pee at least 1-1/2L to 2-1/2L at night but barley any in the daytime for some reason.

    There are days I will drink 4 to 5.5L and not much of a change, pee 75% at night and the rest at day, and that is a breeding ground for bladder infections I kinow. And for a while my poop is hard balls, no matter how much I drink and metimucil and stool softeners I take I can't poop a soft poop with out laxitive. Is any of this connected at all?
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    My husband does that every few days. In rehab the nurses called him a "dumper."

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    My urine output in bed tends to be more than double my "in chair" output, and I am usually only in bed for a maximum of 10 hours a day. This seems to be pretty common from most of the quads I know.

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    Several factors can influence this:

    1. You store a lot of fluid in your legs if you have dependent edema. Wearing compression hose will help minimize this. When you lay down, raising your feet allows your body to mobilize this fluid and produce more urine.

    2. When you lay down, your blood pressure rises, which perfuses your kidneys more, creating more urine. Many people with SCI have very low blood pressures when sitting up in their chair during the day.

    3. You may be one of the people with SCI (primarily those with higher injuries) who have a messed up pattern of production of ADH (anti-diuretic hormone) by your pituitary gland. There is a subgroup of those with SCI who produce less of this at night than during the day. Normally the level at 2AM should be about 2X that which you produce at 2PM. If your levels are messed up, you can produce a lot more urine at night (and also have a lower blood pressure in bed). Your levels can be tested (although this does require collecting urine and blood in the middle of the night). Some physicians treat this problem with a drug such as DDAVP which replaces ADH. Discuss this with your physician.


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    I do this to and it doesn't matter if i'm in bed all day or in my chair, I still pee more at night then during the day. It doesn't bother me so I don't worry to much about it
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    i'm in da same boat, 2000cc at night, barely anything during the day
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    We need a contest.... I use a distilled water jug as a night collection device its 4 litres and i fill it most nights

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    I also tend to "dump" at night

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    My bladder does the same thing is there anything I can take to help me pee more during the day?
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    get your legs up a few times during the day.. or wear those goofy stockings that they make you wear in rehab.

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