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Thread: If you can walk, how much do you walk?

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    7 months post "worst burst fracture (l-1)" spinal surgeon had seen in 10 years. Cord almost completely severed and cadaverous humerous bone recipient/two separate stabilizing surgeries. Walking unassisted and carrying/lifting things normally as the most recent upward developing trend. Walking at normal pace, stairs, slight limp on left leg (lock it purposely to avoid buckling). Lucky SOB who busted his ass in impatient PT literally fighting the PT's to let stand up 4 days post surgery. Advocate, insist, and demand to walk again in there's any chance....falling is just a part of it all.
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    No one can tell or determine how far any of us can go. I am now running full stride, still fall, legs still give out, still in pain every day, but dammit I'm doing what they told me I couldn't do.Docs now tell me to go until I feel pain or when it hurts stop, other than that they can't tell me a damn thing, but wow, you are the most active patient we have. So, all that docs are, are learned and educated men/women. People are wrong everyday. So, I say get out there and prove them wrong and have fun doing it. Life is way too short. 6 yrs post, c7, t6 sci.

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    i'm L3-L5 on my left side functionwise and L1-L5 on the right, function wise (L1 damage wise, i had other movements but they were mostly spasm related, and the virus in my spinal cord spread until the doctors FINALLY were able to diagnose it properly the other week, originally they thought the damage was far less). i'm pretty young and was incredibly athletic before my SCI, i teach kid's skiing and had just finished running college track nationally. but i haven't been able to walk.

    for a little bit when i regained some control on my left leg (before then i had no movement below my hips) i got up on forearm crutches and was able to walk about 10 feet max, my right leg completely useless except for swinging and it can't bare any weight. i still use the crutches around the my mom's house but that was the only improvement i've made. i've kept up my strength and flexibility but cannot do anything with my right leg still and my left is hit or miss. i swim daily, do PT and do other sports so i'm active. i was feeling great that i was able to finally get out of my chair but now feel some what discouraged that most other people with my level of injury are eons ahead of me. my neurologist said not to be too disappointed, in addition to the spinal cord virus i had a bacterial infection and severe blood clots that did damage to other nerves and muscles. i'll keep it up with the PT and exercise, i just hope i'm not doing anything wrong for having to be in my chair 95-99% of the time. :-/

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    35 minutes everyday.. my hip still gives me problems sometime but my spinal injury is pretty much recovered. It still hurts when I sit for too long, but I think it's important to exercise if you can. Pain is sometimes a good thing! It lets me know how I'm recovering.
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    Not sure if I replied yet, but I probably walk .25-.5 miles a day. I am slow, and feel more crippy walking than I do in the chair. Wet hard floors suck, so I avoid those all together.

    c6/7 with ankle turning and I think I hyper-extend my on knee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Human View Post
    Not sure if I replied yet, but I probably walk .25-.5 miles a day. I am slow, and feel more crippy walking than I do in the chair. Wet hard floors suck, so I avoid those all together.

    c6/7 with ankle turning and I think I hyper-extend my on knee.
    Yeah, I agree, wet floors suck; but walking on grass is a real challenge.

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    Is anyone using forearm crutches without grip/quad hands? My right hand is fine, but my left has no strength or dexterity, so I use either a walker or a regular cane with my right hand. Will I be able to use a forearm crutch with my left hand?

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    Has anyone figured out how to get rid of a hyper sensitive foot? has anyone tried acupuncture for it. I noticed TMAZ has the same problem I have. It's just so sensitive, any kind of stimulation and it goes haywire. thing is, walking in itself is stimulation : picard :

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    AFO's and walking poles help me on uneven ground. I hope someone replies about how to help the hyper-sensitive foot issue. I haven't found anything that helps.

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    I have a C5/6 incomp. 3 1/2 years post injury. I walk without a cane for about.5mi. I walk further with the a cane but I feel it is a mind thing. I use the cane more for a emergency, just in case I lose my balance. i feel I am getting my legs stronger without the cane. So I try not to use it much. Therapy is everyday for us..if we don't use it, we will lose it!!

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