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Thread: If you can walk, how much do you walk?

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    If you can walk, how much do you walk?

    I am 6 years post injury (L1 burst) and despite the motor deficits in my legs, I walk full-time with cane/crutch and AFOs.

    I'd like to hear from others with a similar injury. Do you walk fulltime? If you do walk, how fast / far can you walk? Do you walk for exercise?

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    me too. less lately because its extremely painful. I use trike too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jody View Post
    me too. less lately because its extremely painful. I use trike too.

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    I'm L4/5 and S1 - walk with 1 AFO and walking stick. Can walk several km but find it relatively slow and get very sore down the back of the legs and also a tight band around the hips. The further I go, the clumsier I get with putting my feet in the right spot (don't know how to explain that properly) and if I push it to far I end up tightening up right up the back and then into the neck.

    Generally I try to avoid too much walking, but get several hours a day on a normal bicycle with no problems and spend about 5 hours a week at the gym doing core, stretching and some strength work.

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    I also am L1 Burst 3 1/2 mo post. I can't walk very far using walker, recumbent bike, and water therapy which seems to help the most. Since my auto accident I was lucky enough to find this site, I am always looking foe injuries similar to mine. It's hard for me to stand up straight and walk, I try and walk around the house steading myself with furniture, wall or what ever like that would stop me from falling hugh?
    I feel like a weebles, I am very wobbly, and have neuropothy in my feet which does not help my walking.

    I am trying to not take alot of meds I don't want to be woozy. So far the gabentin has not done that to me, I am worried that a side affect is swelling of the feet which I hve. Does anyone else deal with that?

    Right now I am working my a-- off doing what ever I must, I am afraid if I don't I will never walk alone again
    JeAnNE L1Burst Fracture inc. 11/5/10

    Live Well--Laugh often

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    I am an L1 burst fracture incomplete para and I really, really believe that people are selling themselves short by using a cane rather than forearm crutches. It doesn't matter that you can walk with a cane. You just can't go far. But with forearm crutches, it moves some of the work to one's upper body and arms which are presumably normal. It maintains symmetry of the trunk so you have less back pain. I could walk 2 blocks with difficulty and a sore back if I were to use one cane. Give me 2 forearm crutches, and I can walk at 2.5 mph for 2 hours. I can hike at 1.6 mph for 4 times that length. At home, I use a wheelchair to free my arms up and to benefit from always having a wheelchair cushion.
    I would make crutch walking the final step and not try to graduate to one cane or no cane. It is only a symbolic victory. In my mind the victory is to go far and fast with whatever it takes - for me..... forearm crutches.

    It is good to hear from other incomplete partial walkers in pain - we came together in the "incomplete's dilemma" thread.

    Jody - that is cool you are getting around with your trike.
    Howdy, Dan and L2R and JEAPow.....

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    you cant post pics in pm, so posting it here

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    arndog, thanks much; your perspective is the kind of feedback I'm looking for in this thread. Do you walk/hike marked trails to track your speed and distance? I'm trying to get a better sense of how fast/slow I am walking.

    jeapow -- you're still very recent in your injury and hopefully have much progress ahead. it sounds like you're making great strides.

    jody -- trike looks like it would be a lot of fun. i'll have to check one out.

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    I agree with arndog. They tried getting me to use two canes and I felt so vulnerable in falling over and cant walk as far. Forarm crutches easy doubles the distance I can go. If I am going into a store I usually use my hubby's arm and then use a cart to balance and walk around.

    hey dan, good to see ya round. I walk slow, there is no pep in my step. I use my wheelchair when it is smarter to do so. Farther distances, having a bad day, or going to be sitting somewhere for any length of time. I cant walk for exercise its too much for me. And I dont think I have actually measuered how far I can go. It depends on the day and if I can sit. But I know I cant stand or walk for too long before pain kicks in.

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    L1 injury patient with compression fracture but can walk like normal person without any help.

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