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Thread: Insurance for high-tech (EMC) driving controls

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    Insurance for high-tech (EMC) driving controls

    I just picked up my new Van that is equipped withEMC driving controls and am having problems finding a insurance policy that is reasonably priced and that covers the VMI conversion as well as driving controls. Who's everyone use for insurance and what is your average monthly premium?
    Any help would be appreciated

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    Hi Kspell,

    What you are after is a "rider" in insurance lingo.

    Basicly, you'll get your quote for the basic van value (say 30k) than a rider to cover the extra specialized controls and modifications which, for us quads, is usually greater than the base cost of the van. Total coverage of 60k or whatever.

    Use an insurance broker to find the best deal for you. Even with a spotless record you will be looing at 2500 - 5000 per year

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    Wow they only charge about $25 more a month to cover my lowered floor and lift, I don't drive so the van is insured by my mom thru state farm and it's only ~$350 for 6 months, she is older and has a clean record. At first they told me it wouldn't cost any more for the lift and stuff but they called a few days later and told me it was ~$25 more every 6 months for the extras but they still have never looked at the van or even asked to look at it.
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    my brand new van (10' dodge caravan) is having the controls put in now....i havent looked into ins. yet...but 2500-5000 a yr!!!!...i hope not
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    I just put state farm on a 2011 silveradoHD with a ryno conversion, with zero effort steering, braking and etc......I'll have 72 grand in it and my state farm agent said it is fully covered, total replacement cost including all modifications and equipment........455.00 every six months.

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    thanks for the input

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    now thats much better!!.....thats only $75 a month.......but where do u live?.....thats always a big difference maker in car insurance
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    Quote Originally Posted by roc21 View Post
    now thats much better!!.....thats only $75 a month.......but where do u live?.....thats always a big difference maker in car insurance
    I live about hour south of Atlanta...........

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    I just got my 2010 Town & Country insured plus $22,000 of Braun conversions. I called the lizard and got several discounts and ended up with $370 every 6-months for full coverage and $500 deductible.

    Good luck.

    Note: I am about 2 hours south of Atlanta.
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    yea those are great i said,, ur location determines alot..ur in a very rural sure i'll be more expensive.. im in ft lauderdale..pretty highly populated/congested area...
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