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Thread: My Sister is going to be 100 Years old on the 25th

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    My Sister is going to be 100 Years old on the 25th

    I'm putting these pics in the Life Forum because 100 yrs old is a milestone that not many of us really expect to see. She just recently had to sell her house and move into an assisted living residence. She still is mentally sharp but has lost most of her hearing which makes it hard to talk with her. In the family pic she is in the back row on the right. Unfortunately she is the only one still living in back row. Marie and I are the two living in the front row.

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    Congrats to your sister! Are you in the sailor suit?

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    What wonderful pictures Spadfan! I hope she is settling into her new home and they are treating her like a queen.

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    Hi Spadfan

    How glorious she is amazing
    I love hearing such positive nice news

    This was very sweet of you

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    Holly crap 100 y.o
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    Quite a milestone! I was reading up on this lately and they say it's in the genes, either you have it or don't. It runs in our family, on my father's side. He is 82 and hoping to see 100. His brother, my uncle, is 90. Their father lived well into his 90's and was sharp right up to the end. He swore by raw honey - lol.

    My only trepidation is that my dad will outlive 2 wives.
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    That's neat. Thanks for sharing. I had a neighbor who lived to be 105
    up in Vancouver, WA. She was still out pruning her roses at 104.

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    Happy 100th Birthday.....
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    That is GREAT! I love talking and listening to older folks. They are so wise, full of wit and have so much wisdom. Be thankful my friend!
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    That's great! What an amazing milestone.

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