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Thread: Caregiving Problem.

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    I agree. If you are not hooked up with Hospice now, get on that tomorrow. The hospice nurse will help you get the equipment needed to care for your father, and will be familiar with the options available. A portable commode chair, hospital bed, and mechanical lift are usually most helpful. A pressure reducing mattress to prevent painful pressure ulcers is also a good idea.

    A SP catheter at this point would not be advisable, and it would be best for both his dignity and comfort to avoid an indwelling urethral catheter. A UTI is much more likely with this as well, and he would not do well fighting that off at this point.

    Can your father void at all while sitting. I know when I cared for my father when he was dying from cancer, sitting on a toilet or a portable commode worked well for him to be able to urinate in spite of his prostate cancer. We did eventually go to adult "pull up" type diapers, which he resisted at first, but finally agreed to, but did work well and were pretty easy to change (we used the male Attends briefs with elastic waist).

    If he is a large man, a portable lift would be a good idea, but difficult to use on carpet. Because my father lost so much weight, we did a "quad pivot" transfer to a bedside or chair side commode chair for both bowel and bladder care throughout his illness and all of us were able to do that for him until the last two days when we used kept in in bed and used the diapers (he was only semi-conscious at that point).

    Hospice was invaluable for medications for both pain management, and at the end to ease his air-hunger. They provided a HHA to bathe and shave him, a chaplain who prayed with him, and even a massage therapist to give him some back-rubs to ease his constant back pain. This let him stay at home with all of his family providing the rest of his care, as he wanted, instead of going to a hospital or nursing home.


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    With a little practice, he may be able to use his urinal from his chair. Ryan does this all day long. Granted he only wears shorts (so that he has access from underneath). Even in 20 degrees, he will not wear long pants, only puts a blanket over his legs to go outside. Ryan uses a wash cloth under the urinal to catch any drips and so we go through several wash cloths a day, no big deal.

    We also use a condom cath at night as using the urinal while lying down is asking for a mess and while he has bladder control, he needs to void frequently and would need assistance at night.--eak

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