Good Afternoon to All, Hope that you all are having a manageable day. I say that as I know what things are like "just" getting through the day sometimes. I was put on Jurnista probably somewhere around 8 or 10 months ago with limited success. At least in my view anyway. I never for once thought I would be pain free with this new medication but thought I would better off than with nothing. I guess given my body size and metabolism? I was put on 32mg once a day and lately another 8mg 12 hours after the first dose of 32. Well this brings me up to 40mg of this stuff every day plus the rest of the bottles. I read in the insert pamphlet that "do not take more than 16mg per day of this product unless you are opiod tolerant. Your doctor will tell you if you are opiod tolerant." He never has said those words to me directly unless it is indicated in my file somewhere. My question is this, I still hurt like a son-of-a-b*tch most days. There are some days a month where I can't even sit upright. I can't see my doc upping this med anymore nor would I want him to. It took a while to tirate up to this level and I still have a few side-effects that I have just learned to accept as necesary to get some of the relief that this drug does provide. I am not sure what possible medication for my situation is recommended. I also find it amazing that with all the "pain medications" I am taking that I could even get pain in another part of my body. I.E. a headache? I mean how with the level of pain meds in my system a person would think I could smash my hand with a hammer and just laugh about it and not shout out in agony. Does my logic make any sense at all? I have also thought about getting another selective nerve root injection done in my L4/L5 again but not sure if this would be an effort in fruition. I would be able to get this done with cost associated to my health care provider but I wonder if the 750 mile trip return would be worth the agitation it brings with travelling that distance. I have had three in the past with the longest time with pain relief being about 2 months. I hear that they are not a good thing to have done so many times in one's lifetime? Something to do with bone density loss? Maybe this is just an "old wive's tale". Maybe Dr. Wise, you could comment on the procedure and it's benefits vs. risks? Thanks and wish all the best in your struggles to maintain a less painful day!!! One-day-at-a-time!!!