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Thread: wheelchair cushion

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    wheelchair cushion

    anyone heard of this or have it?
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    We have this cushion and have had it for years. It has really worked wonders, and actually healed wounds while on it. It allowed my son to keep going and am happy to say we have no wounds now. Their customer service is exceptional also.

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    which one do you have? and is it quiet and have you had any problem with leaks?
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    We have the standard battery model. It is very quiet. We have had to get it repaired a couple of times, but if you send it for repair they will give you a replacement to use in the meantime. An alarm will sound if it is not working properly, and then you know it is time for repair. Overall, very satisfied.

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    Yes, it is categorically considered a dynamic cushion and is similar to the Ease cushion. Dynamic cushions (e.g., Aquila, Ease, etc.) employ a pressure relief method that distributes pressure both temporally (i.e., with respect to time) and spatially. Passive cushions like Jays, Stimulites, Rohos, and Vicairs distribute pressure in a spatial fashion only.

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    I totally agree with cameljoe. The airpulse pk really works on treating pressure sores. A+

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    I cant push off to relieve pressure on my roho, relying on tilt and recline in my permobil which doesnt seem to be working to well do not know how to decide between ease and aquila which is better and which one takes medicare?
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    Try them both and see which one you like better and then ask them about medicare. I know about a year ago medicare wouldn't pay anything for any powered cushion.

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    Dan has a trial airpulse pk....we weren't given a users we turn it off? Also, they say it's been programmed for him from info I filled out, but to our horror his wound went from a stage two to a stage four just in the hours he was in it today.
    Any suggestions?
    As always,
    Cathy j

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    cathy j,

    You mention "... do we turn it off? ..." - not while Dan is sitting on it.

    You mention "... Any suggestions? ...":
    Yours is not the only situation involving the use of a dynamic cushion with an extant stage 2 or worse pressure sore. Even though dynamic cushions are in a class by themselves with respect to pressure relief (dynamic cushions distribute pressure in both a spatial and a temporal fashion), there is presently no better way to treat a stage 2 or worse pressure sore than to remain off of the area as much as practicable.

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