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Thread: wheelchair cushion

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    Thanks WC.....Silly, I know not to turn it off while Dan's in it
    But I meant when he's in bed and we turn the wheelchair off.........
    Also, thanks for the advice, I know, in bed, turn, blahblahblah, right!
    I really thought this cushion would be the "coup de gras"...however, I
    did call them, and it seems it was not set up for Dan properly after a
    manager got on the phone with me...they're rectifying the situation
    but you know, I'll be scared to death to try again....but I will!

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    If it were me and I found out that they forgot to include the owners manual I would have immediately called them to have it sent out before using the cushion. Its same to assume the result of the first day of sitting would have been better if the instructions were available and followed.

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