Btw, some thoracic mid sci injuries also most likely will require motoneuron transplantations, or other ways to create such. For example; my sci will, -dead motoneurons in the bulls eye centre of the cord is a 100 % damaged (my case), not only allocated to axons. Guess, although I have a thoracic mid injury, will be way back in the cure queue - but that is fine, more than fine, since I’m not into all this for me, never have been btw. I just love science that has the possibility to help. -We really need to try to help sci science in this early start of trials and so on to try to se where we all can help out to try to help science and the clinicians, -just one little index finger working better on a quad, would have made my day and joys of days forever. We as a sci community - the ones of us that can - should more be much more empathetic and also work for these of us that can not (althogh some quads here on cc are doing much more as for this than many paras)- since we all know sci more or less - to help the field and hopefully all of us.