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Thread: Handicap Parking

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    Handicap Parking

    I just want to say how selfish and insensitive people are who park in spaces designated as Handicap Parking Only when they obviously are not disabled or handicapped. It is a pet peave of mine. Also, I wish every parking lot would be better maintained when it comes to repainting the parking lot spaces and signage that designates the handicap areas. Too often it is difficult to tell what a designated space is due to the aging of the paint and damage to signage. Just my rant for today!

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    Hi and welcome
    You summed it up perfectly pet peave
    Theres so much in life taken for granted the parking dilemna is one of mine too lol sometimes it is very unfair but my cookies crumble like that .
    Anyways have a good evening


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    use the power of crowd source, i am not quite sure the best way, but twitter is pretty good source in real time, and there is a way to put a picture with your posts, so use a wefi card, snap the license plate and no sticker placard, or someone that is using their moms placard and post it to a unique site, re-tweet it to your legislatures, maybe they will act, if not they will be embarrassed. once you geta bunch get one of these news guys , the real journalist, like help me Howard in nyc
    cauda equina

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    had a guy yest that parked in the stripped between two cars, he and his wife got out and wak=lked in, I said "You better hope none of those people have a chair" They didn't even comment, the rest of the lot was full, but plenty of regular spots open, and they couldn't walk a few feet further.

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    This seems to be the biggest pet peeve of many. They want the spot so bad, I suggest they break their necks or back so they don't have to sneak around and worry about fines. Yes, I have actually said this to people when I'm in a bad mood. The last time was to a motorcycle that was in the stripes next to my van.

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    Welcome. It is a pet peeve of nearly everyone here! Annoying, selfish, and causes major problems for those of us in chairs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishin'guy View Post
    had a guy yest that parked in the stripped between two cars, he and his wife got out and wak=lked in, I said "You better hope none of those people have a chair" They didn't even comment, the rest of the lot was full, but plenty of regular spots open, and they couldn't walk a few feet further.
    Last week was at wall-mart
    getting outa my van at the same time and some women on the other side of me parked
    on the stripped by the fire plug.
    About 35 not a dam thing wrong with her....other than between her ears.
    I gave her a dam dirty look she just look and walked away.
    When I got inside I told the manger what was going in.....he looked and said I'll take care of it.
    I could tell he was not gona do shit about it and told him so....he said nothing and walk away.
    I almost went to the van got my plyers out and pop her valve stem out...of course I be on camera and get cautch.
    Am sure she would have got a ticket then alone with me.


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    While visiting the Hospital a few years ago I had the end spot, a handi spot as well and come out to see a VW Golf parked in the aisle 3" from my door. Lift or not 3" from my door nobody is getting in.
    Now I'm cold and angry, first punched out his tail lights then went to the secutity/parking office with his plate and had them announce to move his car.

    I waited by my truck for the prick to come out and tore a strip off his ass. No response.
    I then pointed out his tail lights were out with a smerk and still no response at all from the guy, unreal. I did feel a little better though watching him pull away Sans tail lights.

    Another pisser is pulling to a lot to find no Handi spaces and knowing half the people with a pass don't need one, they hand em out like coupons around here.
    In good weather I'll park at the end o the lot, I don't mind the hike but in the winter it sucks.

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    I couldnt take pictures of people parking it is a waste of my time plus I dont have the patience to get mad at them people being most of the time I am going to a important appointment etc...
    I just usually find the easiest spot instead thats available and try to park my vehicle away from being blocked in .
    I try to avoid confrontations .

    When I was younger things like this used to really bother me
    But then over time I realized why raise my blood pressure ???

    As long as I make my appointments on time I wont worry .

    My solution is possibly i'll buy a big bull dozer
    Then I wont have parking problems .

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    This is the parking space as it should be...
    Notice the "No Parking" painted across it just to help you out if you don't realize what the yellow diagonals really mean. This is obviously done for fun.

    Oh and not 50 yards away is a whole parking lot of empty spaces!


    hashmarkaudi.empty spacejpg.jpg [ 66.71 KiB | Viewed 99 times ]

    So the guy parked here, and I quite pleasantly told him, you know this space isn't a parking space, explaining the whole the extra space is for people who need the room, it's not a luxury and you can get fined for parking there. He's not so pleasantly told me to mind my own business and it was non of my business where he parked. Not the exact words, but that was kind of what he was trying to convey.


    hashmarkaudi.jpg [ 71.03 KiB | Viewed 99 times ]

    So there was a car to his right, and we watched the lady struggle to get into her car cause the guy was a dick. So my GF decides to move her car right up against his just to be equally annoying as in the picture. Probably not a wise move! But she has more balls than I do. Then the guy comes out and gives my GF a bunch of verbal abuse. This is one of those moments if I hadn't been in my chair I'd have probably wandered over and punched him in the face, one of those stupid moments where no one gets to abuse your woman like that in public kind of things. He could have just got in his car and driven away. So I then park myself behind his car and tell my GF to call the cops, no real clue what the cops will do. Cops come, keep him there for another 30 minutes and give him a $450 ticket.

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