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Thread: Middle of the night and scared

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    Just saw this today...

    Hope y'all are feeling much better by now!

    Hugs and prayers!

    Love ya!


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    God Linda... I just saw this too... I hope you guys are doing better... lots of hugs sent your way...


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    LindaT, I am sorry that I did not see this until just now.

    Please get some help to relieve yourself and get some rest. It is not good for you or Dave for you to be taking care of him while you not feeling well. I don't know what the options are for you to hire somebody to help but you need to plan for such coverage if you get ill.

    Regarding the tracheostomy and vomiting, I think that a tracheostomy with a cuffed tube should help reduce risk of aspiration and should ease removal of the aspirate if it occurs. I agree with Ambisinister that inflating the cuff would be preferred if vomiting is anticipated.

    I hope that everything is better.


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    i just saw this! oh linda i wish i could give u a big hug! hope u are feeling better! that same bug has been going around. i got it twice but at the other end. not pretty! looks like you've gotten some solid advice. i wish there was more help that i could give!
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"

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    So tough already, and then you are sick on top of it?! Hope you are feeling better and I'm happy to see the responses about your original question. The people on this site continue to amaze me with their quick helpful responses.

    On the bright is starting to warm up and the days are getting longer. We can't wait to get back outside, well, for long periods of time anyway!

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    Thankfully I got 10 hours of sleep and been able to keep fluids and food in.
    The #1 aide was here and took over, still here since last night.
    I think I was nearly manic with exhaustion and worry and depression creeping in.
    Thank-You everyone.
    Sometimes even the back up plan fails.
    My mom and sister came over and cleaned up some of the calamity.
    Yes, the longer daylight is wonderful, I can't wait to be able to just go outside again.
    Dave's nausea passed without him throwing up and he was able to keep hydrated.
    What a life.

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    Soon time to go on the sidewalk cafe I am happy you are better
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Quote Originally Posted by woman from Europe View Post
    Soon time to go on the sidewalk cafe I am happy you are better
    Yes Bente, very soon.
    me^ you^

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    I just caught this thread as well LindaT. So glad things have improved.

    I've had lungs full of crap since Wednesday. Nights are scary as I'm home alone. Thursday night a worker stayed over but I didn't need her. This thread put my chest cold in perspective as I was starting to feel sorry for myself. Toughest people in the world on CC

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    I'm glad you're both feeling better and, Linda, I'm glad you got some much-needed rest. Primary caregivers for high quads don't have it easy, I know mine don't. Dave is lucky to have you.

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