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Thread: Dr. Jan-Eric Ahlfors pushes forward with Regeneration Matrix

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    Perhaps you'll explain your definition of translational science then? To me, after almost 26yrs, it means something close to being applied to humans ... I'm rusty on my science ... but I don't see anyone even close?
    This might help a little:

    I like to think of translation as testing in an appropriate animal model (for example chronic contusion in rats) and production of clinical grade cells/materials required for human application. Call it pre-clinical studies if you like. All this leads up to collating enough data for an FDA application.

    Take Stephen Davies work for example. He is currently in translational phase of his research.

    James Fawcett's lab in the UK is in translational phase for their chondroitinase therapy. They are testing their therapy in their latest chronic contusion rat model and developing clinical grade Chondroitinase for human application.

    There are many more if you take a look.

    Hope that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GRAMMY View Post
    Leif...Leif...Leif! Stop there. Lynnifer has not stated that she has no interest in "translational research". She's simply asked a question about the definition people use in describing translation research. So, quite the contrary to your accusation! Lots of people are interested in it, but it does take lots of time and effort to search through all the information to formulate your own personal thoughts and see where your efforts can best be utilized to push cure efforts forward. May I politely suggest you give her a chance to look over the most recently compiled advances and study it?

    People really are interested in the subject and wish to help. It may take a little time and patience for everyone to get involved and learn where all the "translational research" is at. Several people on the forum are working diligently to sort through information and formulating plans on how to best push forward from here.

    Please be patient while the groups get together and work towards a cure and the funding issues. It will be a worthwhile benefit for everybody! It's also fantastic to hear that Lynnifer is grateful for all that was done on her behalf since she was 13 yrs. old and recognizes that people put huge efforts into that advocacy and the benefits she reaped from that. (It didn't just fall out of the sky and she recognizes that).

    She has a right to choose her own way in paying it forward. Perhaps it will be a road not yet taken, but it is hers to take....(the same way you are making and taking your choices forward.)

    ROLL ON Lynnifer!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Rule #1: Never smash & bash a SCI advocates spirit and efforts.)
    We need all of the help we can get from anyone willing to give!

    Don't make me fly to Norway. (You'd never recoup from that.)
    Why are you picking on me and what are you babbling about? I’m not the one who posted the below.
    It all comes back to seeing something from researchers and so far, that doesn't exist.
    Posting such things isn’t just ignorant an silly, it is also rude towards the many men and women whom are working in the labs to cure sci. And they want to cure sci even though peoples are posting silly things as the poster above.

    I personally don’t care much what Lynnifer does or does not, neither does I have a beef with her, but when posting things as above in cure discussions one must expect to be addressed.

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    Translation research means to transform, in this case to transform promising lab studies into clinical trials (from the lab to the bedside), but to be able to do that it requires a translation infrastructure vehicle, and that vehicle aside of physical systems such as capable hospitals, most of all requires arenas for scientists, clinicians and also end users (patients) to communicate. And if the end users are not happy with the pace of the translation the end users maybe should involve themselves a little bit more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fly_Pelican_Fly View Post
    This might help a little:

    Hope that helps.
    Thanks Pelican! That was very helpful. I appreciate your nice post!

    Incidentally, yesterday I posted a thread in cure specifically about translational research at's had 102 views and 0 posts. You were the only person to PM me to engage a discussion on this topic. That's why I feel there may be a disconnect on fully understanding the terminology and communicating. I can only presume that others may not fully grasp the questions or situation also. Thank you for your kindness and patience with helping others to understand this very important topic!
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    I don't understand, maybe someone could clarify - am I assuming Phase I & II are yet to be done? Or, is it saying that they will start doing it?


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    Quote Originally Posted by taymas View Post
    I don't understand, maybe someone could clarify - am I assuming Phase I & II are yet to be done? Or, is it saying that they will start doing it?

    The trial has started and is underway with recruitment.

    Estimated Enrollment:30
    Study Start Date:July 2014
    Estimated Study Completion Date:December 2018
    Estimated Primary Completion Date:October 2018 (Final data collection date for primary outcome measure)
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    Quote Originally Posted by paolocipolla View Post
    This is also very true. I am also very critical with researchers as too many of them didn't deserve our money/support. They should be fired!

    Soon I may start to say names in public. I am collecting facts and info at the moment.

    I would like to know who they are

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    Potential experimental treatment of TSCI may involve an injection of 100 million DrSC™ Neural into the damaged area. When the damaged part of the spinal cord is larger than 1 cm3, the space at the damaged site will be filled with a fully biocompatible matrix (biomatrix) prior to an injection of 100 million DrSC™ Neural. DrSC™ Neural will then be injected through the applied biomatrix into the spinal cord. In the case that a cyst (swelling of tissue similar to a water balloon) has formed at the damaged site, the cyst will be opened or removed before any application of product occurs. Four weeks later, 100 million DrSC™ Neural will be intrathecally injected followed by another injection of 100 million cells every 3 months until optimal regeneration is achieved. The treatment will be accompanied by an intensive rehabilitation programme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tbone57 View Post
    I would like to know who they are
    To do what I was thinking to do in an effective manner is more complicated than I thought, this could be an effective way to do it, but there are obstacles:

    "Scientific Peer Review Is Broken. We?re Fighting to Fix It With Anonymity"

    In God we trust; all others bring data. - Edwards Deming

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