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Thread: Dr. Jan-Eric Ahlfors pushes forward with Regeneration Matrix

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    Quote Originally Posted by fti View Post
    Potential experimental treatment of TSCI may involve an injection of 100 million DrSC? Neural into the damaged area. When the damaged part of the spinal cord is larger than 1 cm3, the space at the damaged site will be filled with a fully biocompatible matrix (biomatrix) prior to an injection of 100 million DrSC? Neural. DrSC? Neural will then be injected through the applied biomatrix into the spinal cord. In the case that a cyst (swelling of tissue similar to a water balloon) has formed at the damaged site, the cyst will be opened or removed before any application of product occurs. Four weeks later, 100 million DrSC? Neural will be intrathecally injected followed by another injection of 100 million cells every 3 months until optimal regeneration is achieved. The treatment will be accompanied by an intensive rehabilitation programme.
    Very interesting, thanks for posting it fti.
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    So this trial is being done in Russia? I was hoping it would be in Canada. Why Russia if this guys main lab was/is located in Quebec?
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    Dr. Jan-Eric Ahlfors' first company was located in Finland and he still has many connections there. Russia is of course close to Finland (in fact, just across the border) and has many neurosurgeons and people with spinal cord injury. It is probably cheaper to do trials there as well. I am only guessing of course. Wise.

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    I see, thanks wise! I really wish Canada would host a real clinical trial. Not just one guy for stemcell inc trial.

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    I invited gentlemen Ahlfors to come answer our question about carecure

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    Quote Originally Posted by fti View Post
    I invited gentlemen Ahlfors to come answer our question about carecure
    Hope he does
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    I had to register again and thanks for inviting me. Wise Young is correct -- I have good connections with neurosurgeons in Russia and it is A LOT cheaper to do clinical trials there. Canada likes to follow the FDA, and prefers to give clinical trial approval after the FDA has already done so, making it almost easier to start clinical trials in USA than Canada esp. for new types of products and treatments. So there was limited value and too expensive to start off in Canada, although I do plan to do a clinical trial in Canada at some point. We have recently started working on opening another clinical site in one or two countries in western europe thanks to strong interest by neurosurgeons there, but this will of course take the standard many months of paperwork etc.

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    WOW, I had no idea that Finland has something to do with the possible cure

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    Welcome Ahlfors at CareCure.

    Are you doing trials in Finland currently? Are you treating chronic patients and all injuries or just selected?

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    dear Professor Ahlfors thank you for joining the community to answer to questions.
    I contacted Dr. Alexander Averyanov your study center in Moscow he said that only Russian reside are supported because research is sponsored by the Russian government it also says that my foreign patient can take my will cover the costs of participation up to 30 000 euros. I also wanted to know which European countries will be your new sites of study on spinal cord and if non-resident of the country will participate in the study without paying?

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