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Thread: No Barriers USA Summit 2011

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    No Barriers USA Summit 2011

    Hello everyone,
    I came across this documentary and found the web site for this years summit in Colorado.
    Maybe some find this interesting.

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    Awesome! Thanks for posting the link. I'm actually considering attending this I'll repost this in the Recreation Forum, because I think there are many who would be interested.

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    Oh yeah, please do. I was not sure where to post it. I m trying to talk my son into going with me. I was watching a documentary about this summit, all I can say is WOW!

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    Hi. I plan on going. I am going to (hopefully) talk about the forearm crutches "SideStix" that I have been using for crutch snowshoeing. Should be a good conference. I went to one in Squaw Valley a few years ago and it was very informative.

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    The SideStix team will be there demoing crutches, presenting on the inventors panel and of course hanging out with Arndog! We hope to see you there and don't forget to say hi.

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