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Thread: Abdominal pain revisited

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    Novie & Keps,
    being that I've been away for so long, I'd not seen this thread before....but I've been in the hospital at least 4 times this year(I've lost count) because of GI problems...My most recent GI doctor has said I have Chronic Pancreatitis & Gastroparesis....I believe that there is an underlying cause but she's not been willing to figure out WHAT the underlying cause is though...VERY frustrating...A lot of the issues/symptoms that you are talking about are similar to problems I've had...I've had the lovely addition of vomiting when I have the attacks...
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    Been tested for all that and more. Just consider it neuropathic pain that developed 5yrs post.
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    November and all,
    I suffer from the same adominal pain and bloatness. I unfortunately do not have any answers either and it seems to be getting a bit worse. I attribute it to all the stuff I need to do to prepare for a bowel routine. I am a c4/5 quad complete and have been in the chair for 28 years. bowels have slowed and more laxatives have been required. I do my routine every other morning and precede it with four Senakot the night before (12+ hours). I also take two fiber con morning and evening and used a magic bullet to get things started. I usually go right away but unfortunately my right side does not seem to completely empty because majority of the time, before I get off my commode chair, I already sound timpantic (sp?) On my right side. Also, after getting back up in my electric chair, I will hear small squeezes happening on my right side as if gas is trying to work its way through. It hardly ever settles and as time continues, the adominal pain worsens. Passing gas does seem to give me some relief but the pain hardly ever goes completely away. The only thing that seems to hope right now is when someone gives me a very good gut massage and things move along and eventually my gut quiets. What level injury are you and what do you do and take to prepare for your routine? Also, how do you know when you are done? I too am going to see if I can get that allergy test but I really think it's Senakot and everything else. Unfortunately, when I lessen the amount of crap I take I could be on the John for a couple hours and still not feel great. Pretty tough existence when I'm working a full-time job as well.
    Just wanted to reach out and see if we could share notes.

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    Sorry for the word errors but I am trying to use voice recognition. I hope my last post was comprehensible

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    Post 26 years T-9 para complete.. bad abdominal pain, with hard food masses threw digestive tract.. swelling of the abdominal area.. CT scan, Mesentary panniculitis... It is rare and have had no help for it yet.. I feel that prostatitis caused it with months of being on cipro.. .. The cipro is making me sick..

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    I am a C-4/C-5 quad and have been having pain in abdomin also. Getting in my standing frame helps. I am working on my diet also because some heavy foods seem to make it worse. Been eating fruit, yogurt and salads. Stomach pain sucks!

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    I just found this thread searching for answers to my own abdominal pain. It started over the Christmas holidays -- lower to mid right side abdominal pain. I thought at first it was a UTI and took Microbid. No relief. On New Year's Day it was so bad I ended up in the ER. CT scan, chest xray (to rule out heart attack, apparently), blood and urine samples, including blood cultures (god knows what they cost), and no answers -- "If the pain's still there in three days come back." It was still there, but not as intense. I've recently moved so didn't have a GP, but I already had an appointment with an OB/GYN for my annual check (I'm a breast cancer survivor so had this in place far in advance) and she could find no uterine, ovary problems. Also asked her if this might be breast cancer metastasized to the liver, but she said all my liver enzymes looked fine from the ER blood work. I also mentioned my gallstone, which I've had for over 10 years and which does get inflamed every now and then, but the liver enzymes would show a GB attack.
    So, the next appointment with a GP she recommended turned up nothing either. I'm still in pain, sometimes quite severe but always nagging in the background, and the new doc thinks it might be "gas pains." This bad? really? He's referring me for a colonoscopy, but I really don't want one (I know, I know, suck it up, right?).
    Sometimes this does feel like a GB attack, but the stabbing, sharp, intermittent pain is something unlike I've ever experienced.
    I'm interested in what's been said on this thread about inflammation and food allergies. A few years ago I was trying to lose weight and went on the "Ultrametabolism Diet" promoted in a book by Dr. Mark Hymann. It's a tough diet. The first three weeks consist of a 'Detox' which translates to no grains (except rice), no dairy, no sugar, no caffeine, no processed meats (i.e. bacon, sausage, deli ham, etc), and only lean, preferable grass fed and organic meats. Talk about clearing you out. It really does do a detox. After the three weeks you can start adding some of these potentially allergenic foods back into your diet one at a time, although he recommends staying off the caffeine, bread, and processed foods indefinitely. I managed to stay on the maintenance diet (still pretty tough) for about four months, and have to say that I felt absolutely great. Aches and pains that I hadn't even realised I had just disappeared, my roseacea completely cleared up, my hair shone like it hasn't in years, and my energy level was through the roof. But it's a difficult diet to stick to, and fairly expensive since the recommendation is to stick to organic foods.
    Reading through this thread has convinced me it's time to try it again, though, because the main purpose of the diet is to decrease inflammation caused by food allergens. If following the diet succeeds in getting rid of this pain I'll let you know, and for those of you who think your symptoms might be allergy related I'd definitely recommend trying it. The book provides a good overview of different diseases/symptoms the author feels can be attributed to diet, and a great rationale for his theories and suggestions. His recipes, however, really suck; which is a shame because it's hard to come up with good recipes based on the selected foods you are permitted to eat.
    Good luck to everyone on here with your pain relief.

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